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Elizabeth is Missing [Warning from MNHQ - this thread may contain spoilers]

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IDoAllMyOwnStunts Sun 01-Mar-15 09:09:35

I'm 64 percent through this book and losing the will to live. I hate giving up on a book. Does it get better? Or should I cut my losses. So disappointed, it started off well when I got the sample too.

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DuchessofMalfi Sun 01-Mar-15 09:39:41

I finished it, but didn't really enjoy it that much. Found all the repetition frustrating. If you're not enjoying it, give up because it won't get any better than that.

If you're looking for a decent book that is good to read - I'd recommend either Us by David Nicholls or The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed reading recently.

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Sun 01-Mar-15 09:58:36

Cheers. That's just it, it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. Might cut my losses , ah well think I only paid 2 quid or so. Have seen The Miniaturist but not tried that yet so will give a sample a go thanks.

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magimedi Sun 01-Mar-15 10:10:07

I've started it twice (a cheapie on my Kindle) & still haven't gor beyond about page 50.

Am delighted to hear I am not the only one.

Southeastdweller Sun 01-Mar-15 10:32:29

I found this very overrated book very tiresome to read. I carried on reading but regret it now as the book didn't improve.

Figmentofmyimagination Sun 01-Mar-15 11:55:15

It is a strangely superficial read I agree. My mother has severe dementia and although everyone's dementia is different, I thought she stretched credibility beyond breaking point in her treatment of dementia in order to weave her plot - over and over again - not so much the speech patterns as the sleuthing plot line....

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Sun 01-Mar-15 16:13:40

Glad to hear others have struggled (sorry folks). And to those of you who finished it, well I admire your stamina. Not sure why I feel so bad about giving up on a book, its not like I need to give the author personal feedback or anything grin

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mollyonthemove Sun 01-Mar-15 16:16:46

I really enjoyed it!

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Sun 01-Mar-15 16:21:17

Can you give me a potted version of how it ends Molly? What happens to sukey is all I want to know but just cannot be arsed to trawl through the remaining 34 or so percent.

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BsshBosh Sun 01-Mar-15 16:38:36

I might put this to the bottom of my to-read pile then...

theintrepidfox Sun 01-Mar-15 19:10:38

Well I did read it to the end and, apart from ending up buried in Elisabeth's garden, I still don't know what happened to Sukey!!!

fredfredsausagehead1 Sun 01-Mar-15 19:25:37

I knew what happened to Sukey! But Ive forgotton shock

storynanny2 Sun 01-Mar-15 19:31:14

I persevered with it as it had won a prize but was unimpressed

mummytime Sun 01-Mar-15 19:41:37

I liked it! Wasn't sure I would given the dementia bit.
But actually did - so there wink

DuchessofMalfi Sun 01-Mar-15 19:46:32

Plot spoiler alert.

There was a scene where Maud found a fingernail with remnants of Sukey's nail varnish on it in a tea chest. She couldn't prove anything but had a strong suspicion her husband Frank had done it. He had worked on the new houses being built, one of which ended up being the one Elizabeth lived in. And that was where they found the body.

SanityClause Sun 01-Mar-15 19:51:46

Spoiler if you haven't finished the book.

I did like this book, although there is a fairly obvious problem with the plot.

Surely, Maud had many years before she had dementia to piece together the facts of her sister's murder.

Or am I missing something?

smokedgarlic Sun 01-Mar-15 19:57:42

Oh I loved it. The unusual perspective reminded me of The Curious Story of The Boy in the Nightime in the best possible way. It was also darkly and funny. I really felt her daughter's exasperation.

DuchessofMalfi Sun 01-Mar-15 20:01:48

You're right Sanity. It is a huge plot hole which hadn't occurred to me until you mentioned it. Yes she could have had many years to find out the truth. But I suppose she had become obsessed with it since she developed dementia. Maybe before that she had just accepted that Sukey wasn't coming back and moved on with her life?

IDoAllMyOwnStunts Sun 01-Mar-15 20:11:01

Fab, so Sukey in garden. And what about Elizabeth? Was she missing or what!? And was Sukey shagging Douglas? Sorry for the questions, I obviously invested more in this book than I thought shock.

And good point about the big plot hole, I hadn't thought of that either.

Excellent. At this rate we can save anyone else the bother of reading it, they need only find this thread.

Perhaps I ought to change the title of the thread to alert spoilers though, for those with the stamina to finish it grin .

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Momagain1 Sun 01-Mar-15 20:15:58

Well, damn. I am only on about page 6, that's as far as I got on the way home. Having read just the top few posts, i will have a hard time bothering now.

How about i skip to the last quarter. Sounds like I wont miss much? But then at least i see how it ends.

hmc Sun 01-Mar-15 20:18:26

I enjoyed the book too and was quite impressed at the author's portrayal of dementia. Thought it quite perceptive and insightful from such a young writer.

Nerf Sun 01-Mar-15 20:18:51

I hated it. And yes massive plot hole although maybe that fits with the cliche of people with dementia remembering the past in great detail but not really living in the present. On the web chat thing everyone was really in love with it.

hmc Sun 01-Mar-15 20:20:49

Momagain - not everyone on this thread found it a chore. It would be a rash to write it off based on other peoples assessments - especially since there isn't unanimity

DuchessofMalfi Sun 01-Mar-15 20:23:33

Think MN ought to add Plot spoiler in title grin

I don't think Sukey was shagging Douglas but Frank must have thought she was. Elizabeth wasn't really missing. She had had a stroke and was in hospital. Maud' s daughter had kept telling her that but she couldn't remember and they had even been to see her.

Elizabeth's son was not a very nice person and was just waiting for her to die. Maud picked up on that.

Waitingonasunnyday Sun 01-Mar-15 20:26:24

I really enjoyed it. I thought it was v cleverly done.

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