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The Birth of Venus- S Dunant / Holy Fools - J harris

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Grommit Wed 21-Apr-04 19:12:32

Has anyone read both of these books? I find it strange that both tell of a nun in a convent who has a snake tattooed on her body and who commits suicide- I am guessing this must be a historical character??
Birth of Venus a fab read by the way...

Grommit Wed 21-Apr-04 19:50:25


florenceuk Thu 22-Apr-04 09:43:09

Grommit, I've got both of these on my bedside table, and thought it was funny I'd managed to pick two books about women hiding in convents with daughters - must be theme of the week.

Paula71 Thu 22-Apr-04 21:03:35

Which one was written first? I have read Holy Fools but hadn't heard of the other one. Is it recent?

florenceuk Fri 23-Apr-04 16:04:58

Sarah Dunant's book is currently on special as 3for2 in Books Etc so I presume it is a relatively recent paperback.

dogwalker Fri 23-Apr-04 16:30:24

I've read Holy Fools but not the other one. Quite enjoyed it although I sometimes find her books a little heavy going.

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