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Featured debut author: Claire Kendal - The Book of You

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Jan-15 13:08:27

Our first featured debut author in 2015 is Claire Kendal, author of The Book of You. Fans of psychological thrillers will be gripped by this truly frightening story of obsession and power. Find out more about the book and apply for a free copy. If you receive a copy, do come back to this thread and let us know what you think or post up a review of the book.

Claire will be sharing her tips for budding authors soon and we'll link to them from this page.

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Alchemist Fri 23-Jan-15 21:11:47

Just finished this and really enjoyed it.

Felt claustrophobic and threatening. Would recommend it.

mustgetabackbone Fri 23-Jan-15 22:31:49

Done!! Sounds great.

Stealthpolarbear Sat 24-Jan-15 15:56:55

I have a sample of this on my iPad would lve a copy but will post a review either way. Spotted it in Smiths and thought it looked just my sort of thing

Fanjango Sat 24-Jan-15 16:58:32

Ohh I love this genre. Fingers crossed smile

ChippingInLatteLover Sat 24-Jan-15 17:10:39

Sounds brilliant!

glammanana Sat 24-Jan-15 19:08:03

Fingers crossed for me too,I just love this kind of topic.

RufusTheReindeer Sun 25-Jan-15 21:11:37

My sort of book

Here's hoping!

MrFMercury Sun 25-Jan-15 21:36:32

I'm in the mood to be appropriately terrified so fingers crossed!

PresidentTwonk Tue 27-Jan-15 07:00:38

This sounds great, I'd love to stay awake all night reading it winkgrin

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Jan-15 15:08:54

The book giveaway is now closed. We'll be notifying all those who have been allocated books by the end of the day and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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Stealthpolarbear Wed 28-Jan-15 17:04:35

Woo hoo smile

Fanjango Thu 29-Jan-15 20:52:37

Ohh. Can't wait for it to arrive. Thanks smile

ChippingInGluggingOn Sun 08-Feb-15 00:49:21

It's arrived!

I'm not reading it tonight though grin

thelittlebooktroll Sun 08-Feb-15 09:14:53

Looks good. Adding to my long to read listsmile

AnonymousBird Mon 09-Feb-15 19:34:11

It's here, thank you! Starting imminently, I need (yet another) thriller read...

mamato3luvleys Tue 10-Feb-15 19:20:55

My copy came yesterday and I have read most of week1 will have my nose back into it tonight when I get this lot showered and in bed smile
Thanks again for the book and can sumone point me in the right direction for the review please x

AnonymousBird Tue 10-Feb-15 21:41:17

I'm over half way through in less than 24 hours! Making me very twitchy. Compelling stuff. Punchy style, hard to put down.

Fanjango Wed 11-Feb-15 01:46:17

It's arrived!! Can't wait to get stuck in. Looks really good smile

AnonymousBird Wed 11-Feb-15 22:08:49

Is this the review thread?

Read it in 24 hours. It's good, pretty clever. Compelling page turner for sure, but not without it's flaws. Having her awful experience of being stalked by a seemingly "normal" bloke, she instantly falls in love with a bloke she meets on jury service, bit like a holiday romance, but trusts him just like that???? Not so sure about that.

But was very convinced by the lengths gone to by the stalker and how it made her feel. I felt stalked, I felt terrified, I felt relieved I had never had that happen to me. The real time of the first person narration was brilliant for this, inside her head, then third person narration for the slightly more detached view.

Ending a bit rushed, perhaps

MrsWickens Sat 14-Feb-15 20:58:58

Thanks for my copy. Still reading here. Will post my review soon.

BearAusten Sat 14-Feb-15 21:29:55

Kendal really grabs the reader's attention from the very beginning and does not let it go. As a result, I finished the novel in just over two days. (I have a demanding child. Very inconvenient when wishing to read anything.)

Kendal is particularly good at convincing the reader of the reality of being stalked. Rafe's persistence and menacing behaviour is particularly chilling and alarming.

My only criticism is the character of Robert was a little weak and two dimensional.

A harrowing, psychological thriller. Well worth reading. Thank you for the book.

AnonymousBird Sun 15-Feb-15 09:34:50

Great comments Bear, the stalking was brilliantly conveyed, I agree with that.

I'm interested in your comment about Robert, perhaps that is why I felt a bit unconvinced by that whole story line, because he was an unconvincing character? Good point, and one for me to think about.

Boughttoomuch Mon 16-Feb-15 11:04:10

Thanks very much for the copy of the book. I also read it very quickly as I was keen to see what would happen next although at times it was quite an uncomfortable read especially at the end. I also liked the two different styles of writing and agree about Robert.

mamato3luvleys Mon 16-Feb-15 17:08:09

Finally finished the book ( I have 3 demanding dc) wink
I thought the two way style of writing was really interesting and kept me gripped to find out what was going to happen next. I also agree with others that the character of Robert wasn't very convincing I also wondered how she could want to pursue a relationship with someone while all this was going on in her life, especially someone she never felt close/ confident enough to talk to about rafe.
Although that's said it was still a very good read and would recommend it to others I am actually going to pass this book onto a friend who also likes to read alot.
Thanks for the book x

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