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Anne Rice - The Vampire Chronicles

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Bogeyface Fri 16-Jan-15 02:02:04

Anyone read them? Any good?

They look good but all of the books is going to add up so I dont want to start something I need to finish (and I will!) if they are no good!

NadiaWadia Fri 16-Jan-15 02:30:07

I thought they started off brilliantly (especially the first one, Interview with the Vampire) but the standard of her writing has declined over the years, to the point that now when she brings a new one out I don't bother reading it any more. She is just churning them out now, I think, but the first three or so are definitely worth a read.

Bogeyface Fri 16-Jan-15 02:48:02

Thats worth knowing, thank you.

Perhaps she has got complacent and is using them as her cash cow. Have you read the Wolf Gift Chroncile?

NadiaWadia Fri 16-Jan-15 02:51:17

No I have not kept up with her output over the last few years. Had not heard of WGC in fact, and just went on Amazon to see what it was. Is it any good?

wickedlazy Fri 16-Jan-15 02:56:44

Can you get the first few books from the library, to see if you like them first?

wickedlazy Fri 16-Jan-15 03:01:16

Sorry just twigged you could have meant should you start reading them, are they any good, before feeling like you have to finish them just to see how it all ends. If you get bored of them, but have to know, google the plots of the other books? I did this with 50 shades of grey, couldn't bear to read any more but went on google/wikipedia to see how what happened next/the final outcome.

BitchyTakesOnManagement Fri 16-Jan-15 03:08:16

Read a lot of the chronicles. Didn't read them in order, read some and not others. Didn't find that it was a problem. I do have a few that I never got around to reading that are on my to read pile. But that pile is a tad large and they are a way down the list blush

Fannibal Fri 16-Jan-15 17:26:55

I would really recommend the first three, they are fantastic. Some of the other chronicles are sort of stand alone books featuring characters from the main trilogy so you don't necessarily have to read those in order. Blood and Gold is my favorite stand alone one.

CoteDAzur Fri 16-Jan-15 22:51:37

The first 2-3 are very good. Despite the steady decline in quality, I quite enjoyed the following 3 as well. After the 6th book or so, they just got too wonky for me.

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