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Contemporary novel where main character isn't middle class

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antimatter Thu 15-Jan-15 14:40:20

Sorry for the title but having started 4th book in a row with main character being middle class, white, very well educated....

It made me thinking - haven't read for a while (until yesterday when started from recommendation on another thread Flowers for Algernon which is also classed as SF and published in 1959) a contemporary novel where there were a non-middle class main characters.

Please suggest some great books I can choose in that category.

Sprinkfest Thu 15-Jan-15 14:49:07

Heading out just now and not trying to be flip, but this has Google written all over it...

antimatter Thu 15-Jan-15 15:09:47

Google is not that sophisticated....
How would you look for it?
Anyway - I am looking for recommendations as well.

But if anyone could suggest a list on Goodreads or some article anywhere I would be happy to use it as well.

cdtaylornats Thu 15-Jan-15 15:29:48


CoffeeBucks Thu 15-Jan-15 15:42:21

Me Before You, Jojo Moyes

MarianneSolong Thu 15-Jan-15 15:49:39

Mick Scully's 'The Norway Room.'

BOFster Thu 15-Jan-15 15:52:25

I read The Girl Who Just Appeared by Jonathan Harvey (lead Corrie writer, among other things) recently. It was pretty good.

SunshineBossaNova Thu 15-Jan-15 15:52:27

Pigeon English.

antimatter Thu 15-Jan-15 15:55:15

I read "Me Before You" - loved it, IMHO the second main character is as middle-class as it gets grin
I have Pigeon English on my pile and Trainspotting too.
Please keep them coming!

Pointlessfan Thu 15-Jan-15 15:55:57

Brick Lane?
I'm also thinking of White Teeth but I read that years ago so I might be remembering wrong.
What about memoirs? E.g. Angela's Ashes.

Theas18 Thu 15-Jan-15 15:58:02

the No 1 ladies detective agency series! Anything not set in the UK LOL

Currently reading the 100yr old man who climbed out of the window and disappeared which is laugh out loud funny but also a brilliant story interspersed with the back story of a gent whole lived through all the major events of the 20th century and seemed to have a hand in most of them!

antimatter Thu 15-Jan-15 15:59:14

I read Brick Lane and loved it.
I couldn't get into White Teeth, honestly! I tried 3 times and just got bored sad
yes to Angela's ashes - I only watched film based on it (not contemporary though but I've heard is very good)

TheWordFactory Thu 15-Jan-15 16:00:59

NW by Zadie Smith. Working class girl questions whether you can ever become middle class (among other story lines).

BOFster Thu 15-Jan-15 16:01:38

I'm reading a brilliant memoir today by Tim Brannigan, called Where Are You Really From?. Definitely not middle class.

Suttonmum1 Thu 15-Jan-15 16:04:16

A short history of tractors in Ukranian
About poorly paid migrants from Eastern Europe doing agricultural work, if I remember rightly. Much better than that sounds!

WestEast Thu 15-Jan-15 16:05:43

The Help

BeCool Thu 15-Jan-15 16:05:51

Any of the Jo Nesbo books? Harry Hole doesn't come across as middle class (Norwegian).

Have you read the Alan Cummings book? I don't know what class he is ...

SunnyBaudelaire Thu 15-Jan-15 16:06:48

The Book of Dave by Will Self

BreakingDad77 Thu 15-Jan-15 16:07:29

The Dog Catcher by Alexi Sayle

The Abarat books, Coldheart Canyon, Gallille, Weaveworld Everville of Clive Barker (yes are a fan lol)

BertieBotts Thu 15-Jan-15 16:08:48

Isn't that Two Caravans Suttonmum? I enjoyed that though, good book.

BeCool Thu 15-Jan-15 16:16:40

The Sisters Brothers by Patrick DeWitt
bit gruesome ....

Pointlessfan Thu 15-Jan-15 16:17:49

Ooh I really enjoyed The Help, I'd like to reread that.
What about The Kite Runner or any else by Khaled Hussein. Brilliant books imo.

Pointlessfan Thu 15-Jan-15 16:18:28

Think my predictive text got author's name wrong, sorry!

Allalonenow Thu 15-Jan-15 16:19:46

Once in a House on Fire by Andrea Ashworth and most of Roddy Doyle's work.

LadyWellian Thu 15-Jan-15 16:22:39

Anything (well, I haven't read a couple of the more recent ones, but anything pre-2000 or so, certainly) by Roddy Doyle.

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