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Books you've read and loved that we probably haven't heard of

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IntrinsicFieldSubtractor Mon 05-Jan-15 00:23:47

Semi-inspired by the best/worst book threads that are going at the moment - I've seen the names of several bestsellers mentioned a lot, but I was wondering whether anyone has any books that they've really enjoyed that aren't as (or at all) well-known. I'd be interested in recommendations for anything I wouldn't otherwise have heard of, and plus it's always nice to see good authors getting a bit more recognition.

One I can think of off the top of my head is The Flight of Lucy Spoon, by Maggie Gibson - I picked up a second-hand copy for free somewhere expecting generic chick lit, and was surprised to find it was genuinely hilarious in a very British-feeling, tongue-in-cheek-silly way (even though it's Irish). It was just a very likeable book, full of oddities that were actually original and heartwarming rather than self-consciously 'look at me I'm so quirky' in that way that all those Ladies' Blah Blah Society books are.

I also loved Dealing With Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede - I must have read it when I was about ten, but a glance through the Amazon preview suggests that I'd probably still love it now. I've forgotten the exact story but the basic premise is a tomboyish princess who escapes an arranged marriage by running away to live with dragons - it's another very funny and well-written book that's not centred around romance, with a clever and independent heroine who has to spend half her time convincing knights in shining armour to leave her alone and stop trying to 'rescue' her grin I really want to read it again now actually, I might have to buy it!

If anyone has any recommendations of their own to contribute then I'd love to hear them...

KingJoffreyObviouslyWatchesHol Mon 05-Jan-15 00:30:34

The Friends by Rosa Guy.

Norfolkandchance1234 Mon 05-Jan-15 01:21:50

'He died with a falafel in his hand'

Dapplegrey Mon 05-Jan-15 01:23:12

The Curse of the Wise Woman by Edwin Dunsany

OhCuntmasTree Mon 05-Jan-15 01:23:25

Americanah by chimamanda ngozi adichie
The accidental by Ali smith

snowspot Mon 05-Jan-15 01:26:54

The Louise Penny series of books with Inspector Gamache (1st book is called Still Life).
They are hugely popular where I live, but I had never heard of them in England. They're now making them into a TV series. It's got the same feeling as the Jackson Brodie series by Kate Atkinson.

LoathsomeDrab Mon 05-Jan-15 01:27:26

A Fine and Private Place by Peter S. Beagle.

Ludways Mon 05-Jan-15 01:34:08

The Lady Julia Grey Novels which start with Silent in the Grave. There's 5 books but only three are readily available in the UK. It's a great series which I've recommended to many and they've all loved them.

Tobyjugg Mon 05-Jan-15 01:43:48

Jabin by Bev Allen, a science fiction/fantasy novel about an orphan teenager faced with some hard choices.

WhatsGoingOnEh Mon 05-Jan-15 01:51:47

intrinsic, I've just bought both your recommended books on Amazon! They both sound fab. Lovely thread.

Mine is, "I Shaved My Legs for THIS?" By Holly Wright. Pure chick lit but funny and sweet. And old-fashioned too.

turtleturtleturtle Mon 05-Jan-15 02:01:43

White lies by Jo Gatford
White lies

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 05-Jan-15 02:15:42

Artichokes with Alice is amazing, and not known. True story too

alltoomuchrightnow Mon 05-Jan-15 02:16:11

well, memoirs.

saffronwblue Mon 05-Jan-15 02:26:55

Not so obscure but I adore the writing of Laurie Graham, particularly Gone With the Windsors. Funny, sharp and completely believeable.

OneHorseOpenSandwich Mon 05-Jan-15 02:38:14

The Duncton trilogy by William Horwood. Like Watership Down (the book not the film) but with moles. Amazingly rich, exciting and beautiful.

mrbob Mon 05-Jan-15 06:26:55

Let's pretend this never happened (jenny someone) and Worst Date Ever (Jane bussman) I almost wet myself laughing at both of them even though the latter has a fairly harrowing theme... Warped sort of sense of humour required

hellokittymania Mon 05-Jan-15 06:37:25

Last Night I Dreamed of Peace by Dang Thuy Tram

CheerfulYank Mon 05-Jan-15 06:47:29

I love Patricia C Wrede's books! There are others, it's a small series. smile Princess Cimorene is a badass.

I love Love Walked In and Belong to Me by Marisa De Lo Santos. They're chick lit-y but I really liked them, especially Belong to Me.

PetulaGordino Mon 05-Jan-15 06:51:08

Lifting the latch by Sheila Stewart - memoirs of a farm worker through the 20th century in rural Oxfordshire

DandyMott Mon 05-Jan-15 06:55:04

The Jack Daniels series by J A Konrath. Little bit silly, quite gruesome but I loved them all!

DandyMott Mon 05-Jan-15 06:55:33

Oh mine are kindle releases only I think as well.

InMySpareTime Mon 05-Jan-15 07:01:39

The Strangeling's Tale is lots of different stories that all come together at the end, sort of fairytale style but lovely to read.
I read "Let's pretend this never happened " too, it's hilarious and bizarre in equal measure!

MsMarvel Mon 05-Jan-15 07:06:07

Anything by trudi canavan. She's done a couple of really good trilogies.

parques Mon 05-Jan-15 07:09:52

Five People You meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom. Not sure how 'popular' it is.

BikeRunSki Mon 05-Jan-15 07:15:23

The Crow Road - Iain Banks

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