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Christmas fiction

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StillWearingOddSocks Thu 27-Nov-14 12:19:02

What it says on the tin really - what are your suggestions for Christmas themed books to read in front of a roaring log fire with a cup of hot chocolate (or on the kindle, pressed against fellow commuters dreaming of Christmas break( smile

CaulkheadUpNorth Thu 27-Nov-14 16:44:12

There's a book called "December" which I love. It's about a girl who is selective mute.

tripfiction Thu 27-Nov-14 18:52:33

Look out for "One Hundred Christmas Proposals" by Holly Martin, novella set in London, out 28.11. To coincide there is a simple competition where you can win a sightseeing flight over London Piper Seneca twin-engine plane for a fantastic half hour sightseeing trip. Check out Holly Martin's blog and she is guesting for us tomorrow.

OnIlkleyMoorBahTwat Fri 28-Nov-14 15:31:10

Skipping Christmas by John Grisham grin. I was disappointed by the ending though.

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