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Psychological thriller recommendations?

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tessiegirl Sat 22-Nov-14 19:02:41

Has anybody got any psychological thrillers to recommend? I have read Gone Girl and Before I Go To Sleep and would love to read more of this genre, especially the ones where there is a big twist at the end that you don't see coming grin

meandjulio Sat 22-Nov-14 19:05:19

Hm, A Special Relationship by Douglas Kennedy? It's not exactly the same as those two but I think shares some characteristics only it's better

DuchessofMalfi Sat 22-Nov-14 22:55:00

Her by Harriet Lane? It's a quiet slow build of a story. I liked it.

MargotLovedTom Sat 22-Nov-14 22:57:07

I am currently reading Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty. Have only read about 80 pages so far but it's got me gripped.

applecatchers36 Sat 22-Nov-14 22:57:40

The silent wife by A.S.A Harrison very gripping and in same vein as Gone Girl

KatriKling Sat 22-Nov-14 23:06:50

Before I Go To Sleep, SJ Watson? Until You're Mine, Samantha Hayes? Shutter Island? Sister by Rosamund Lipton? American Psycho?

Classic psychological thrillers that don't have any big twists, but compelling to read: Ripley series by Patricia Highsmith and Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier, which does have a smaller twist and interesting plot given the period in which it was written.

MrsBungle Sat 22-Nov-14 23:09:01

I LOVE a special relationship by Douglas Kennedy. I stayed up all night and read it in one go.

cheifbrody Sun 23-Nov-14 11:07:22

Into the darkest corner............. elizabeth haynes

tessiegirl Sun 23-Nov-14 12:02:04

Oh, I have read Into The Darkest Corner too and really enjoyed that...

Never heard of Douglas Kennedy - shall look him up, thank you!!

I was undecided about Apple Tree Yard but I may get that too!

efeslight Sun 23-Nov-14 13:32:50

Yes, love Patricia Highsmith, haven't read them for years, also loved Rebecca and some other DuMaurier books. Have you read any Sophie Hannah?

scarlettsmummy2 Sun 23-Nov-14 13:57:39

'The high flyer' by Susan Howatch! Just finished it and loved it. Loads of twists.

AgentAlice Mon 24-Nov-14 12:06:59

The little stranger by Sarah Waters, can't say much without spoiling if you enjoyed Before I Go To Sleep you may like it.

StillWearingOddSocks Mon 24-Nov-14 12:30:14

Sister - by rosamund Lipton. Plus her follow up novel

DonkeysDontRideBicycles Mon 24-Nov-14 12:53:03

I liked When the Devil Holds the Candle by Karin Fossum. She's a Norwegian author who has written a crime series featuring her creation Inspector Sejer but in this he and the police work remain largely in the background.

tessiegirl Mon 24-Nov-14 20:11:08

Thanks all - I have read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters but was really disappointed by it.

MyIronLung Fri 28-Nov-14 21:04:50

I'm just marking my place so I can find this thread again smile

KatriKling Fri 28-Nov-14 21:20:57

I agree re Karin Fossum, love anything by her. I will also check out those that I have heard of before!

KatriKling Fri 28-Nov-14 22:42:50

'haven't', obviously.

twostepsister Sat 29-Nov-14 13:06:38

y favourite genre, have read quite a few over the years including Gone Girl and Before I go to sleep.

Here are a few of my recommendations:

The Wicked Girls - Alex Marwood
Tideline - Penny Hancock
Into the darkest corner - Elizabeth Haynes
Sister - Rosamund Lupton
The Missing - Karl Vadaszffy
Cuckoo - Julia Crouch
Never look away - Linwood Barclay (very similar to Gone Girl)
Alys, Always - Harriet Lane
The Husband's Secret - Liane Moriarty
Apple Tree Yard - Louise Doughty (book of the year - fantastic read)
One step too far - Tina Seskis
Before we met - Lucie Whitehouse
Daughter - Jane Shemilt (brilliant - a real page turne

skolastica Sat 29-Nov-14 13:52:19

Erin Kelly - The Sick Rose

here's a copy and paste of my amazon review:

Paul is an ordinary young man whose life circumstances have been such that he has found himself deep in friendship with a young man who doesn't share his understanding of honesty. As they reach adulthood, the cracks in the relationship become apparent.

In another earlier time, Louisa is a young woman who rejects the mainstream attitudes of her doctor parents. In experimenting without support, she finds herself in circumstances that she struggles to handle. Her life takes a quieter trajectory, shaped by a secret that is too big to tell.

Until she meets Paul,

I read psychological thrillers for relaxation at the weekend and I expect nothing more from them than that they hold my attention. This one is a 'cut above', certianly better than many that I have read recently. Whilst being both compelling and unputdownable it still took me a couple of days to read it - as someone who is frustrated when a 'thick' book takes no more than an afternoon and evening to read, a book that keeps me going for a bit longer is highly valued.

For once, I think that the comparison to a well-established writer, Ruth Rendell, is justified.

Smurfingreat Sat 29-Nov-14 13:59:10

Another vote for Into the darkest corner - loved it.

fuckmeblindiknowthatcat Sat 29-Nov-14 16:13:39

Another recommendation for Sophie Hannah (just finished A Telling Error) but you will feel confused and shock when you read her books.

YY to The Wicked Girls, Into The Darkest Corner and Sister. The Burning Air by Erin Kelly is excellent also.

If you want a page-turner that picks you up from page one, tosses you round and sends you on a rollercoaster ride then I can thoroughly recommend any Linwood Barclay book (except for Never Saw It Coming which was a bit lame)

NannyPhlegm Sun 30-Nov-14 21:16:47

Sister is one of those books that left me in turmoil for days. I didn't expect that as it starts out so meek and mild.

Loved The Wicked Girls as well.

hackmum Mon 01-Dec-14 08:50:30

I just read and enjoyed The Good Girl by Mary Kubica.

HellKitty Mon 01-Dec-14 09:04:47

I love MN! I've just downloaded a few based on your recommendations grin

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