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Paperback book club by post

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marz Thu 15-Apr-04 08:38:25

I have thought long and hard about posting this here, but have decided that it should be ok, if not, many apologies!!!
I have received a "book club" letter from a is a really good idea.
The theory is a bit like a chain letter though..hence being reluctant to post on here.
What you do is send a book you have read recently to the person who sent you the letter and then post the letter to 6 people, who then send you books should get 36 bbooks for sending out 1,I think!
So, two questions, 1, is it kosher, and 2, anyone want to do it.....I am short of people to forward it to.....

Posey Thu 15-Apr-04 20:49:47

My friend did this some time ago, and got a pretty good response. At the time I didn't have enough time of energy to read anything, but would be quite interested this time.

marz Fri 16-Apr-04 09:20:01

Do you want to email me with your address and I can forward a copy to you? I am glad to hear that it is "legitimate" as such!

Posey Fri 16-Apr-04 21:52:17

Can we see if we get more of a response on here from any interested parties, because I think I may struggle to find enough people willing to do it.
Hope thats okay!

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