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Books similar to A Casual Vacancy...lots of characters

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tessiegirl Sat 08-Nov-14 11:45:45

I really enjoyed how A Casual Vacancy had numerous characters and it was only as the story moved along that you slowly realised how these characters were linked to others.

Does anyone know of any other books that follow that same idea? Thanks!

HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs Sat 08-Nov-14 11:53:31

Ken Follet's New Century trilogy has loads of different characters and plot lines that all thread together nicely. Would highly recommend.

Hobbes8 Sat 08-Nov-14 11:59:19

White Teeth maybe? Lots of different stories that all come together at the end. It's quite old though. She has a new book out called NW but I haven't read it yet.

The Slap has lots of intertwining stories as well but the characters are all so unlikeable!

yesbutnobut Sat 08-Nov-14 12:48:41

Any of Kate Atkinson's detective stories (i.e. not Behind the Scenes or Life after Life) - can't remember their names!

tessiegirl Sat 08-Nov-14 13:07:35

yesbutnobut do you mean Case Histories maybe?

yesbutnobut Sun 09-Nov-14 17:27:30

Yes! That's it, the Case Histories series - thanks for reminding me tessie. In fact I started reading A Casual Vacancy recently and it immediately made me think of those books. You enjoyed ACV then? I thought I'd have to make a list of all the characters otherwise I'll forget who they are/how they interact.

tessiegirl Sun 09-Nov-14 17:56:15

I actually have Case Histories ready to start at some point! Thank you for suggesting it too!
I really did enjoy A Casual Vacancy, I loved how there are lots of different characters, each going about their lives and then its revealed that A knows B, and C knows B, and D knows B, C and A - if that makes sense!!
In fact, A Husbands Secret by Lianne Moriarty kind of reminded me of this too...

PetiteRaleuse Sun 09-Nov-14 18:14:38

Jilly Cooper's Rutshire Chronicles?

Charitygirl1 Sun 09-Nov-14 18:19:50

A Suitable Boy is brilliant for this!

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