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The Invention of Wings - Sue Monk Kidd

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busyboysmum Thu 23-Oct-14 20:47:54

I've just finished this and was so moved and inspired by it I had to recommend it. I've not read her earlier books but am going to give them a try next as I really loved the way she writes.

Has anyone else read this and loved it?

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highlandcoo Thu 23-Oct-14 22:44:59

Hi OP - yes I was lucky to get a copy of The Invention of Wings as a MN giveaway a few months ago and I thought it was excellent. There's a movie in it I'm sure .. Twelve Years a Slave and The Help (I've seen the first but not the second) have both drawn large audiences and I think this would too.

I thought the novel was even more interesting for being based on the true story of the Grimke sisters .. whom I'd never heard of.

I recommend The Secret Life of Bees by the same author. I read it a few years ago and enjoyed it. I have to say The Invention of Wings surpasses it however IMO.

mumslife Fri 24-Oct-14 13:11:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PullMySocksUp Sun 26-Oct-14 05:02:25

It's on my wish list as I loved her other books ~ The Mermaid Chair is fabulous. I have a serious Kindle and real backlog of books so I'm trying to work through those before buying any more smile

LadyWithLapdog Sun 26-Oct-14 06:58:20

I listened to that a few years back. Bizarre and different. I liked it.

LadyWithLapdog Fri 31-Oct-14 21:51:18

In fact I think it was a different one. Bees, sisters, remote place. That's about as much as I remember of the one I read.

TheWhisperingDeath Wed 05-Nov-14 18:28:11

I'm reading this at the moment. It's great. I loved The Secret Life of Bees too.

Definitely has film potential.

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