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Can't help feeling sorry for someone at the BBC...

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joanofarchitrave Tue 14-Oct-14 21:51:50

They've made an absolute cockup of the Booker prize announcement, anyone else watching?

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whippetwoman Tue 14-Oct-14 22:05:28

We disbelief. I turned over from Professor Brian Cox for that!
And he was looking all sciencey and gorgeous and saying meaningful things.
The winning book sounds good though and will go on my list.

TsukuruTazaki Tue 14-Oct-14 22:06:58

Didn't see it. What happened?

BedBugged Tue 14-Oct-14 22:07:18

What happened?

MollyBdenum Tue 14-Oct-14 22:10:32

What happened? I was following the bbc arts twitter feed hoping for a result, but couldn't see anything.

MollyBdenum Tue 14-Oct-14 22:21:52

In fact, who won? I still can't find a result.

MollyBdenum Tue 14-Oct-14 22:33:31

I found it. I think that was the right decision, although i was also hoping for Ali Smith.

joanofarchitrave Tue 14-Oct-14 22:40:40

What happened - pre-announcement discussion with Andrew Motion and Gaby [momentary lapse of attention] and [presenter]. And they kept trying to go over to the speeches from the platform but couldn't get the sound to work. Not beforehand, we missed the announcement but [presenter] chimed in and then we couldn't hear Richard Flanagan's speech either.

A tad shit, frankly. Though the book sounds good.

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hackmum Wed 15-Oct-14 19:23:09

Yes, the book does sound good. Has anyone read it yet? The only one I've read on the list was the Karen Joy Fowler one.

joanofarchitrave Wed 15-Oct-14 19:29:19

Ooh was it good?

I loved The Finkler Question so would like to read J though it sounds very different. I still haven't got beyond page 12 of The Luminaries though so am somewhat behind, Booker-wise.

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hackmum Thu 16-Oct-14 08:17:34

I really liked the Karen Joy Fowler one (seems to have a mixed reception on Mumsnet, though!) Although I normally like Howard Jacobson I'm putting off J as it sounds heavy-going.

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