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What is the last really scary Stephen King book?

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Krakken Thu 09-Oct-14 13:45:10

I stopped reading Stephen King when I found Needful Things really boring, so years ago.
I've picked up a couple more of hi books recently but they're not scary.
I'd love to read something as terrifying as Salems Lot and It again.

CoteDAzur Thu 09-Oct-14 22:49:25

I was properly scared by Duma Key.

It's nothing like Pet Cemetery, though.

skyeskyeskye Thu 09-Oct-14 23:05:44

I haven't read any of his new ones, think the last "new" one I read was Desperation!

Did you know that Needful Things was the first book he did after getting sober?

I am currently rereading The Stand on my iPad. It's a great book . I hope the film adaptation does it justice.

CaitSith Fri 10-Oct-14 07:14:11

Agreed Cote, Duma Key scared the bloody pants off me! I'd say that was the last one that did.

Krakken Fri 10-Oct-14 07:26:47

Excellent. Thank you.

MsTwankeyToYou Thu 23-Oct-14 18:24:16

Gerald's Game is grisly, but brilliant (it was the only one y dad exhorted me not to read as a teen, and he still pulls a face if I mention it). The Green Mile is both heartbreaking and horrific in places (the electric chair scene still haunts me). The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon is frightening in its way - takes you back to the uniquely isolating fear of the childhood imagination, a bit like It. On Writing is not scary or fictional, but fascinating nonetheless. Under The Dome is deeply disturbing - I wasn't a fan of the plot, but the character development and the style are both top notch IMO. Full Dark, No Stars chilled me more deeply than anything else I've ever read - it contains three long stories that have really stayed with me (the one about the farmer, the one about the writer, and the one about the standing stones), one of which gave poor DH nightmares!

There are others from that time frame which are great, IMO, but those are the ones that really stood out to me.

Clawdy Fri 24-Oct-14 17:39:23

I loved his early stuff,read every one as it came out, but Pet Cemetery was such an unpleasant read, I stopped there. Being a mum of three small boys, I'd already found the end of Cujo upsetting and unnecessary, but the fate of little Gage in Pet Cemetery was a bridge too far.

pointyfangs Sat 25-Oct-14 22:49:51

Duma Key is not just scary but also brilliant. I'd thoroughly recommend it.

I also liked 11.22.63 - not scary, but very good 'what if' fiction, and Under the Dome, where he does Small Town Under Siege very well indeed. He's by no means a lost cause.

Opinion is divided on Doctor Sleep - I liked it a lot, really enjoyed seeing Danny Torrance develop as a character, but it is not a perfect book by any means.

Krakken Sun 26-Oct-14 17:25:33

I'm reading 11.23.63 at the moment. I really like it but I just fancy something scary next.
I didn't know Dr Sleep was about Danny Torrance! That's exciting. I'll read that.
I've got Full Dark No Stars and Duma Key.

CatKisser Wed 29-Oct-14 20:29:36

I've just finished 11.22.63 this evening, Krakken. It was great, but as you say, something scary would be great next time. I'm planning on downloading Full Dark No Stars next...

Lilacflower Sat 01-Nov-14 18:49:04

Bag Of Bones was quite scary - a haunted house/ghost story. Very good

LaQueenIsKickingThroughLeaves Wed 05-Nov-14 21:57:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stylecraft Wed 05-Nov-14 22:02:24

Is Danny Torrance the little boy from the Shining? I need some recommendations...

DustWitch Wed 05-Nov-14 22:09:25

Catkisser, I loved Full Dark, No Stars and came on this thread to recommend it!

It's very different from his other short story collections, I felt it was much darker as there is more of an emphasis on human actions than the supernatural. It really stayed with me.

gamerchick Wed 05-Nov-14 22:16:17

I don't find his books scary.. but most of them are awesome. Geralds game got frizbeed across the room but the girl who loved tom gordon was bloody brilliant.

Full dark no stars was a good read and I enjoyed it until I got to the afterward which read (to me) like he had written the book because it was expected and slagged all his fans off because he begrudged it. I was properly gutted and have never read anything new since.. I do love a good re read though grin apparently they're making his bachman books the long walk into a film, but after what they did to the mist i'm a bit apprehensive.

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