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The Gril with all the m.r. carey

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SomethingVicardThisWayComes Tue 23-Sep-14 21:49:50

im half way through and im totally, absolutely gripped. i actually turn the tv off on a night so i can read and concentrate on it....

if you liked The Walking Dead then youll love this....its deeper though. its a zombie apocalypse with a bit of a difference....

not scary. very human. very thought provoking. im hoping its not got a sad end....
dh has read it and recommended it to me but he wont tell me anything (rightly so!)

so far - the world broke down decades ago when a parasitic fungus adapted and began to infect humans - turning them into the undead. it kills them but uses their bodies.
there are the odd military bases here and there trying to research to find a cure when they discover that children exist who seem to be infected but who have full capacity and brain activity....high IQs....feelings, thoughts.

some of these children are rounded up and monitored, examined, they go to school in the base....they learn. they are taught.
one little girl makes a massive impact on her teacher who grows to love her - but the military see the children as specimens to be examined....and dissected.

then it all goes a bit tits up....there are people out in the wilds who have gone a bit wild....referred to as "junkers". they are the enemy of the state along wit hthe "hungries" - the zombies.

i wont go into any more plot detail other than to say its a fab book. Anyone else read it?

dont give me spoilers only half way through....

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TeaCupCrazy Tue 23-Sep-14 22:40:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NadiaWadia Wed 24-Sep-14 04:35:20

I read it recently (thanks to a recommendation on this forum) and agree with you, it is really interesting. Nice to see a fresh take on the zombie theme.

The scary thing is that a form of this fungus actually exists, I think, and does the same thing to ants as it does to humans in TGWATG I think it is covered in a David Attenborough documentary - I don't think that bit was fictional. The author has imagined what could happen if it mutated and began to affect humans. That couldn't really happen, could it? (gulp) ......

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