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So, has anyone ever read 'Tongue Tied' by Joey Deacon ?

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hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 22:33:03

Following on from the SUV thread, I didn't realise that Joey had written a book . Was just wondering if anyone had read it, and what they thought about it. It appears to be unavailable on Amazon.

Clawdy Sat 23-Feb-13 18:51:55

Yes I clearly remember kids at school calling each other "Joey" as an insult and pulling a silly face at the same time. sad

Colyngbourne Sat 23-Feb-13 09:19:00

Well, I clicked because I was interested still!
I'm of the generation that saw Joey on Blue Peter. Terribly, his name did become an "abuse" word, as did doing imitations of his disability.
I also remember watching the original drama-documentary that Horizon did in 1974. It was repeated on TV at the time of the Blue Peter appearances.

Childlessstepmum Thu 21-Feb-13 12:39:43

I don't suppose anyone's interested at this point, but I was cruising the i-net looking for the name of a book by Joey Deacon, which I'd owned in the '80s and lent to a non-returner. Seem to be looking back a lot these days. Anyway, discovered a thread of conversation about Joey on mumsnet in 2006, so thought I'd join in. I knew Joey when he lived at St Laurence's Subnormality Hospital in the 1970s and I was a student doing holiday work. I'm shocked to discover from my i-net search that his name came to be used as a form of abuse by kids, as he was the most wonderful inspiration , together with his three friends, who helped him write his book, each contributing their own singular skill. The book is still out there and I shall get one and return it to my library proudly.

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 23:25:10

Crikey - if yours is in mint condition maybe it would go for a fortune !

2shoes Mon 25-Sep-06 23:23:35

i might have to read it now (wearing white gloves)

Joolstoo Mon 25-Sep-06 23:22:39

I saw the original documentary film about Joey. It was absolutely amazing to watch.

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 23:21:40

I guess it's out of print so can only be acquired in dark alleys and odd Web sites.

2shoes Mon 25-Sep-06 23:17:37

yeah but who would pay that much you can jus go to sussex stationers and order it

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 23:16:14

LOL ! Just auction it, and enjoy the profit ! Or if you feel that's terrible donate some of the proceeds !

I once read about other similar pricing for a few other books / editions / authors that had cult following IYSWIM. The prices were utterly, utterly UNREAL !

chonky Mon 25-Sep-06 23:14:49

get it sold!

2shoes Mon 25-Sep-06 23:14:25

omg I needed a laugh
I paid £8.99 for it how can they sell it for that

chonky Mon 25-Sep-06 23:11:36

sheesh - just looked on ebay - they're selling for £150 +++++! I daren't borrow a copy, I couldn't replace it if something happened to it!

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 23:10:40

Check out my link ! 50 quid ! Mad, I say, mad !

2shoes Mon 25-Sep-06 23:08:47

£50 was it gold plated
are we talking same book
Skallagrigg by William Horwood

chonky Mon 25-Sep-06 23:07:01

2shoes - I'd love to read it (also a mum of a dd with CP) - however can't run to £50! Any chance I could borrow it, or is that too cheeky?

anniediv Mon 25-Sep-06 23:05:11

Blimey, it's not that good!

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 23:04:20

If you don't want it, just put it on Amazon, and undercut the other sellers (they're selling it for about 50 quid !!!!!!!!)

2shoes Mon 25-Sep-06 22:56:58

my friend saw the film and loved it but I am someone who hasn't even watched my left foot.
so if any one wants an unread copy let me know

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 22:52:04

2shoes - the Amazon reviews make it out to be a real tear-jerker. There's a comment quite near the top by a mum with a child with CP (if that helps inform your decision).

anniediv Mon 25-Sep-06 22:49:51

2shoes I have read that too (conscientious as a student ) and if it is too close to home I probably wouldn't recommend, but it is a good read. As I recall there is a film/TV adaptation of it.

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 22:48:41

Yes, it didn't sound too wonderful a place.

Thanks for your feedback.

2shoes Mon 25-Sep-06 22:48:15

i can't read books like this as too hard iynwim(dd has cp)
sorry if ahijack but has nyone read Skallagrigg
It was recommended to me years ago but I have just left it on the shelf(someone at dd's school told me not to read it)

anniediv Mon 25-Sep-06 22:40:46

It enhanced my ability to understand what life was like in a very old fashioned institution, which fortunately, despite what you may see in the press, you don't see many of these days. Although I must confess I think I did read it for curiosity value as I am of the generation that watched him on Blue Peter. Useful to have his viewpoint though.

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 22:38:14

I'm kind of surprised it's not kept in print, or perhaps incorporated into other texts etc.

hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 22:37:45

Was it 'insightful' IYSWIM... did it enhance your ability to better understand CP or learning difficulties ?

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