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So, has anyone ever read 'Tongue Tied' by Joey Deacon ?

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hub2dee Mon 25-Sep-06 22:33:03

Following on from the SUV thread, I didn't realise that Joey had written a book . Was just wondering if anyone had read it, and what they thought about it. It appears to be unavailable on Amazon.

Colyngbourne Sat 23-Feb-13 09:19:00

Well, I clicked because I was interested still!
I'm of the generation that saw Joey on Blue Peter. Terribly, his name did become an "abuse" word, as did doing imitations of his disability.
I also remember watching the original drama-documentary that Horizon did in 1974. It was repeated on TV at the time of the Blue Peter appearances.

Clawdy Sat 23-Feb-13 18:51:55

Yes I clearly remember kids at school calling each other "Joey" as an insult and pulling a silly face at the same time. sad

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