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Meg Wolitzer "The Interestings"I LOVED this book

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lordnoobson Mon 15-Sep-14 19:03:10

Brilliant story of hopes, secrets, family and missed opportunites
It is a bit dull when they are 16- 7 imo but an event happens that forces the narrative on.
I felt bereft when I finished it.

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JimmyCorkhill Mon 15-Sep-14 23:29:20

Thanks, have downloaded the kindle sample.

lurkingfromhome Tue 16-Sep-14 11:14:03

I enjoyed it too. I went on to read a couple more of her books afterwards and I think she really is an underrated author (perhaps not in the States but she doesn't seem to get any attention over here, which is a shame).

lordnoobson Tue 16-Sep-14 15:40:18

I could have wept at the end

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lurkingfromhome Wed 17-Sep-14 15:35:45

Yes, it was very moving. She really excels at creating believable characters that you engage with. I also read the Uncoupling and the Ten-Year Nap - both definitely worth a read although I didn't enjoy them quite as much as this one.

littlerach Fri 19-Sep-14 21:13:11

I also loved tis - it was long enough to cover the timescale but abosrbing too.
Have another one by her, something abot a wife maybe, on my Amazon list.

bringbackfonzi Fri 19-Sep-14 22:00:40

This is the best of hers - the others I've read are ok, but not in this league. I loved this book. Totally absorbed by the characters, who were all mixed ( ie none too perfect or evil), satisfying ups and downs for all of them, brilliant control of the whole thing over the long time span. My only possible criticism is that it's about narrow in its milieu - even the pooree characters are pretty entitled.

bringbackfonzi Fri 19-Sep-14 22:02:01

a bit narrow
poorer characters

daisygatsby Tue 30-Sep-14 12:35:33

Just finished this. I also adored it. Want to read all her other stuff now.

Swanhildapirouetting Sat 20-Dec-14 22:58:26

just read this. It was great. A bit like Freedom by Franzen.

riverboat1 Sun 21-Dec-14 08:35:18

I quite enjoyed this book but didn't love it. A lot of the characters started to really annoy me by the end, and all the navel gazing got a bit much. From the premise I had thought it would be slicker and funnier. On the other hand I really enjoyed the character of Ethan and there were indeed some great scenes and moments in the book as a whole.

Namedilemma Tue 23-Dec-14 14:49:38

Absolutely loved it. As someone has already said, her others are good but not in this league.

jamaisjedors Sat 03-Jan-15 20:50:47

Really enjoyed it too- got it on my Kindle after a recommendation on here. But I loved "The Wife" even more I think.

AmyTanFan Sun 04-Jan-15 18:45:56

I loved it too, particularly the camp for gifted teenagers called Spirit-in-the Woods. I liked all the seventies references, too.

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