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Are there key words on the jacket that puts you OFF a book?

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sweetnessandlite Sun 07-Sep-14 15:58:34


As soon as I read the words 'Cornwall' or 'Painter' or 'tea shop' or 'young mother'
I immediately Put The Book Back.

Why do a lot of female authors set their story in Cornwall? It's so boring and predictable.

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Oakmaiden Sun 07-Sep-14 16:05:14

"King Arthur"

NickiFury Sun 07-Sep-14 16:08:13

"Planet Zurg Year 3029" with accompanying futuristic cover art.

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 07-Sep-14 16:09:55

Journey (unless it really is about a journey - a real one, ideally involving ice and mountains)
Haunted by her past

I tend to dismiss most things if the central character is a woman, or if it's written by a woman, tbh. In fact, I dismiss nearly everything - which is why I'm always running out of things to read.

Oh and if it tells me that the book is funny - it invariably isn't - unless it is by Bill Bryson.

Flangeshrub Sun 07-Sep-14 16:10:43

'Kate Mosse'

sweetnessandlite Sun 07-Sep-14 16:12:58

Thought of another -
...... Moved to Cornwall after her relationship finished and Opened a 'Tea/Coffee Shop
and if the 'Tea/Coffee Shop is in Cornwall? NO! shock

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DuchessofMalfi Sun 07-Sep-14 16:14:05

Tea shop, sweetshop, cupcake shop, cafe, love story, hilarious (if you have to tell me it's funny, then it most likely isn't), spy story.

sweetnessandlite Sun 07-Sep-14 16:14:19

Remus, I like Bill Bryson.
His books are strangely hypnotic. They are one of the few books I will read and re-read.

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DuchessofMalfi Sun 07-Sep-14 16:14:50

grin @ sweetness.

sweetnessandlite Sun 07-Sep-14 16:15:12

Tea shop, sweetshop, cupcake shop, cafe, love story,


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MrsDavidBowie Sun 07-Sep-14 16:15:34

Jodi Picoult recommends this book


VikingLady Sun 07-Sep-14 16:15:48

Thought provoking

Generally mean the book will be a miserable read. If I want to be depressed I'll watch the news!

NerfHerder Sun 07-Sep-14 16:15:59

"Recommended by Daily Mail/Mail On Sunday" grin

"Post-apocalyptic Dystopia" <snurk>

MsMessyandtheTidyBoys Sun 07-Sep-14 16:16:04

Really want to read 'Planet Zurg' grin

Rivercam Sun 07-Sep-14 16:16:38

Cookery books with recipes containing rocket

GameOfScones Sun 07-Sep-14 16:17:06

"Irish childhood" has me wanting to throw the book as far away from me as I can possibly get it. Especially if it's set in the 1950s and has photographs as the cover art. Angela and her Ashes hold no interest for me.

Annoying character names. Cressida in particular.

Anything talking about 'no greater love' etc.

Lifesalemon Sun 07-Sep-14 16:17:12

I don't like books set in America, I don't know why, but I don't even give them a chance. So for me its when i read the words, New York, Chicago etc. on the jacket. Sometimes I've downloaded a book and not realised its set in america until the character mentions the 'mall' or the 'sidewalk' etc a few pages in and then I very rarely read any further.

sweetnessandlite Sun 07-Sep-14 16:17:33

Is there a book called Planet Zurg? shock

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 07-Sep-14 16:18:02


Usually means they attempt poetic language but have probably never heard of a semi colon and can't punctuate to save their lives.

sweetnessandlite Sun 07-Sep-14 16:18:21

GameofScones, one of the best holidays I had was in Ireland. I love the place.
But, I can't stand reading about it! confused

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Grammar Sun 07-Sep-14 16:19:12

' Richard and Judy book choice'

MrsDavidBowie Sun 07-Sep-14 16:19:17

I would definitely read a harrowing disturbing book set in America grin

sweetnessandlite Sun 07-Sep-14 16:19:56

Annoying character names are top of the list as well.
Is it really necessary to have an Alan, Alana, Alaine and Aleysha in the same story?
There's nothing worse than having to constantly backtrack to try and remember 'who's who'.
Authors - Please make your names Different.

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RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Sun 07-Sep-14 16:21:19

Another literary masterpiece - usually means it is by Ian McEwan and therefore shite.

PicandMinx Sun 07-Sep-14 16:21:25

Victorian style
Now a film!

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