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"Green Grass" - the discussion

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Freddiecat Mon 05-Apr-04 17:18:27

Hopefully people have now had a chance to get hold of the book and read a little. How are you all getting on?

I will not be joining the discussion on this book (didn't have a chance to get hold of it), so someone who is reading - feel free to start the discussion!

bbensley Tue 06-Apr-04 17:48:52

I started reading it in the bath last night. Simple and easy to read, hasn't taxed my baby brain yet. Only read first two chapters will carry on in tonight's bath

SoupDragon Wed 07-Apr-04 10:21:47

I've nearly finished it. Her books always make me feel somehow inadequate as a mother!

Sonnet Wed 07-Apr-04 10:32:11

Finally finished Quincuoux last night and sstarted green grass.
Just got to the visit to Norfolk to stay with headly and the ferret on chin scenario...
Very easy to read and quite amusing so far...

I know what you mean Soupdragon - Summer Rain and Hens come Dancing had that effect on me....

mummysurfer Thu 08-Apr-04 08:42:02

i'm about a quarter of the way in. they seem a very mismatched couple to me.

mummysurfer Thu 08-Apr-04 08:42:55

thye're in the car going to norfolk
just thought i'd let you knoew exactly where i was up to

mummysurfer Tue 13-Apr-04 17:15:49

how are you all doing with this?
i'm enjoying it, well it's ok
but we don't seem to have much of discussion

mummysurfer Tue 13-Apr-04 21:10:26

no one???

Glee Tue 13-Apr-04 23:36:18

I re-read it last week. Funnily, her books always make me feel perhaps I am not quite as slovenly as I thought (and considering the state of my house, that's something!)

littlerach Thu 15-Apr-04 15:04:54

Just popping in, read it some time ago, didn't find it as good as her previous two.
Adored Hens Dancing, read it when pregnant, and also Summertime was good.
Agree with Mummysurfer that they seem mismatched.

Freddiecat Thu 22-Apr-04 10:46:48

How are you all getting on?

Would anyone be interested in a "live discussion"? Idea being that interested parties all log on at the same time one night (with a glass or two of wine) and can actually have a proper chat.

SoupDragon Thu 22-Apr-04 11:08:28

I also thought they were mismatched but there were defintely flashes when it was clear that they balanced each other perfectly. I really couldn't make my mind up one way or another and thought it could go either way right up to the last couple of pages.

mummysurfer Thu 22-Apr-04 18:11:24

i'm almost finished
a live discussion may be a good idea but not sure how many are actually reading/have read it.

bbensley Sun 25-Apr-04 09:33:04

Finished it last night. Was a bit disappointed with the ending, it all seemed to happen in a rush. Was left with an 'oh is that it' feeling. Not as good as her other two, I love The Beauty tho what a star

tamum Sun 25-Apr-04 17:20:47

I just finished it too. Very disappointing- quite pleasant and undemanding, but nothing to get your teeth into, and not really worthy of a proper discussion. I agree about the Beauty, but she's the only character in the whole book I could care about.

littlerach Mon 03-May-04 20:39:21

I would like it if she wrote some more of the Hens Dancing "series", anyone know if she is?

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