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Robin Hobb's Fool's Assassin. (SPOILER alert)

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CoolCadbury Sat 23-Aug-14 21:24:15

Hi, anyone read this book yet and want to talk about it?

iamstegosaurus Sat 23-Aug-14 21:45:53

oooh didn't realise it was out yet! Brilliant been looking forward to it. Just downloaded will read and come back!grin

PitchSlapped Sat 23-Aug-14 21:49:39

I have! Managed to resist it for a day before I caved and bought it. I thought it was much better than soldier son and the dragon books

CoolCadbury Sat 23-Aug-14 22:01:20

Great iamsteg smile

Soldier son was dire. Just dire.

What did you think of the new characters pitch? Specifically, Bee, Shun and FitzVigilant (what an ironic name for him given the way we first met him).

I really like Bee and it was good to read her POV. Shun, I could not stand. Very unlikeable. I do wonder if Chade is her father? What do you think? And FV? I wonder if he is a Farseer as he looks like like the mirror image of Shun, according to Bee.

PitchSlapped Sat 23-Aug-14 22:31:34

I reckon one of them was probably regals bastard I havent bothered workimg out timescales though. I thought both of them were incredibly unlikeable and i'm not sure that I liked Bee much although it was really interesting to see Fitz from another point of view. He was probably my favourite character in these books

PitchSlapped Sat 23-Aug-14 22:33:37

I really didnt like what she had done to the fool though I love him, interesting to see what she does with him next. I did like Per

CoolCadbury Sun 24-Aug-14 00:13:34

Per was great, I do hope that he features more in the next two books. I'm hoping that if Fitz goes on a quest to find Bee that Per goes with him.

Fitz and the Fool. Wonderful together. Heart breaking to see what Fool went through. She does like cruelty doesn't she?

Not sure about Regal being the father, wasn't it implied that he was gay in one of the previous books? I just didn't understand why Nettle, Riddle and Chade thought so much of FV but he just came across badly with Fitz and Bee. I thought FV's teaching relationship with Bee was going to end up like Fitz and Galen's but it was nicely turned around when Fitz backed her up. What a relief and just as it should have been.

AmeliaPeabody Wed 08-Oct-14 02:29:20

Not as good as the Farseer trilogy. Too much time and talk of the detail of shopping, interior design and domestic and emotional matters, which made for odd reading, a bit of a soap opera almost.

I was glad to have persevered because it seemed to get back on track, and back on form, toward the latter end of the book. Eagerly awaiting the next!

SomethingOriginal Wed 08-Oct-14 12:22:03

It started off winding and dancing around the story almost, but I did love it.

I agree Amelia that is wasn't as good as the Farseer Trilogy though

Still, I can't wait for the next one!

ExitPursuedByABear Wed 22-Jul-15 08:39:35

Just finished this and ordered the next one. Roll on August 13th

And I don't care if this is a zombie thread. Ner.

AmeliaPeabody Wed 22-Jul-15 20:21:46

Ooh I posted on here last year.

I've pre ordered too, and looking forward to reading it!

WoTmania Thu 23-Jul-15 17:16:31

I didn't buy it in the end although I've read all her other books (except soldier's son trilogy - I read the first one and couldn't get into it. I've been told they improve but I can't face it).
Are they worth giving a go? Part of me wants to leave them as they were in my head but I would love to hear more, particularly from the fool.

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