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Some fantatic books I really can recommend

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imaginative Sat 02-Aug-14 16:46:45

I have had the pleasure of reading some fabulous books lately that I can highly recommend. After being disappointed by some very well known authors, I decided to start choosing my books ignoring the author name and just going by the title, cover, blurb, and 'look inside'. I don't take much notice of reviews as I find so many of the glowing ones are false, as well as some 'hatchet job' or just plain stupid one star reviews.

The kind of books I like are fast paced page turners that tend to be of the thriller genre. So if you like these too, the following books were fabulous reads in my opinion:

'Eeny meeny' by M J Arlidge
It's about a serial killer who kidnaps people in pairs and leaves them without food and water trapped in various deep sided containers such as a disused diving pool. They have a gun and a mobile phone which is pin locked. They are told by telephone (once they have recovered consciousness after being drugged) that only one of them will be allowed to escape; the one who murders the other!

'What Laura Saw'. My second great read from Sarah King.
It's about a woman who has a phobia of telephones and she goes to a hypnotherapist for treatment. However, this unleashes a series of scary events. It's a real mystery. You don't know if the main character is mad or if she's really seeing a ghost. It's a murder mystery and a love story, with one of the most multi-layered female characters I have come across. Trouble is, since reading it I have been scared of driving on my own in the dark, so be warned.

And last, but not least, 'The Memory box' by Eva Lesco Natiello.
Now this book is an unusual one for me to read because it is told mainly in the present tense, and I don't normally like this. But I can forgive the author because it really is a totally original and riveting book to read. I hope I am not posting too much of a spoiler, when I say that the main character really is completely crackers. Not very nice to her husband and rather self centred I felt. But the story is just SO intriguing!

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imaginative Sat 02-Aug-14 16:57:00

Darn it! Just seen my typo in the title.

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MrsDavidBowie Sat 02-Aug-14 16:58:07

Loved eenie meenie

imaginative Sat 02-Aug-14 18:22:39

Yes, it gripped me from the very start and never let go. Absolutely fantastic read.

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Cheboludo Sat 02-Aug-14 18:28:33

Have either of you read The 50/50 Killer by Steve Mosby? When I first read the blurb for Eenie Meenie I was convinced it was a mock up because it sounded so similar to Mosby's book. I'd be interested to know how they compare.

imaginative Sat 02-Aug-14 18:44:26

No, I haven't read it but will certainly check it out. There are often similarities between books. I find it interesting as it is perfectly possible for two different people to come up with the same concept but yet the execution and plot line are completely different. There are a couple of similarities between 'What Laura Saw' and 'The Memory Box', but they are both completely different stories written in totally different ways.

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mignonette Sat 02-Aug-14 22:21:49

Thank you Imaginative - I will add them to my wish list as always good to encounter recommendations that are totally unknown to me.

Have you read 'So Much Pretty' by Cara Hoffman centering upon a missing then murdered young woman? It's set in the USA and is well written and a swift read, if a tad dark.

Iamblossom Sat 02-Aug-14 22:26:03

Thanks have just bought all 3.

I can strongly recommend blacklands, dark side and finders keepers, all by Belinda Bauer, best books I have read in ages.

imaginative Sun 03-Aug-14 08:53:20

No I haven't read that. Thanks, it's going on my list - sounds great.

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imaginative Sun 03-Aug-14 08:55:42

The post above was meant for mignonette. How do you quote on here?

Thanks, Iamblossom for those books. I will put them on my list. I need some new ones now.

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guggenheim Sun 03-Aug-14 09:09:50

Thank you- have just bought 'Memory box' and the Sarah King book.

Chopsypie Sun 03-Aug-14 09:16:07

Thank you for the recommendation, I've just bought 2 of them!

Will try and keep them to one side for novembers holiday but i don't think they'll last that long!

ShanghaiDiva Sun 03-Aug-14 09:23:15

Eeny meeny sounds good. Have just downloaded it.
Just finished Sibel hodge' look behind you, which was pretty disappointing- very predictable.

mignonette Sun 03-Aug-14 09:54:43


If you write my name and add stars * on either side of it, it will embolden.

imaginative Sun 03-Aug-14 11:09:56

Thanks, mignonette.

ShanhaiDiva I was going to buy 'Look Behind You' but something kept stopping me. I like stories which are not predictable, though I do like to occasionally guess what happens. But if it's too easy, then it doesn't make you feel satisfied.

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imaginative Sun 03-Aug-14 11:11:29

Guggenheim and Chopsypie I hope you enjoy them!

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efeslight Tue 05-Aug-14 20:21:42

Just finished 'Eeny Meeny' a couple of days ago - I really liked the female detective but was a bit dis appointed by the ending...

I also like Belinda Bauer. Will look out for other recommendations, thanks.

imaginative Wed 06-Aug-14 16:46:35

efeslight I actually quite liked the ending.


I would have preferred it if it had been a little happier and if a character I cared about hadn't died in the end though.

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