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series of books female protag

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whotheduckisalice Wed 30-Jul-14 16:40:43

A while ago on here I read about q series of books about a female character. Relatively new ish I think. Any ideas? Sorry I don't remember more eg if spy or crime or anything else. I thought it sounded good and got as far as finding it on my library homepage but now can't remember what it was.

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whotheduckisalice Wed 30-Jul-14 16:41:34

Alternatively, any recommendations appreciated!

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DuchessofMalfi Wed 30-Jul-14 17:57:53

Was it Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series? Starts with One for the Money. There's 21 in the series. If not that, still recommended smile

iklboo Wed 30-Jul-14 18:11:58

J D Robb 'In Death' series - I read the first two and enjoyed them. Female homicide detective but set some time in the near future. Bit different.

StillWearingOddSocks Wed 30-Jul-14 18:51:43

Nicci French 'blue Monday' series?

whotheduckisalice Thu 31-Jul-14 07:26:28

Thanks all. These look good! I have added them to my list.

The one I saw was the name of a woman though, like Stephanie Plum or Nancy Drew but not.

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whotheduckisalice Thu 31-Jul-14 07:28:27

Pretty sure they has been published in last five years or so. Someone had said they were listening to the audio books. Searching back threads and googling but not much to go on!

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snakeandpygmy Sat 02-Aug-14 11:13:37

Thursday Next?
Jennifer Strange? (These are YA though)

Cheboludo Sat 02-Aug-14 13:01:58

How about the Maeve Kerrigan series by Jane Casey? Crime novels, Kerrigan is the detective.

mignonette Sat 02-Aug-14 22:27:50

The Lisa Gardner crime/psychological crime series have strong female protagonists as do Alex Kava'a crime series- both set in the Deep South. Lisa Gardner's protagonist is an FBI agent whose Father was also an eminent agent too. They stand up to re-reading too which is the acid tests of a good crime novel- can you forget who did it?

Stephen Kings 'Mister Mercedes' is a crime thriller and although the main detective is a retired male, there are a couple of decent female characters in there plus a sense that the author likes those characters.

I also like (crime wise) Tess Gerritsen and especially her books that have the pathologist and female detective at their heart. The first one is called 'The Surgeon'.

Karin Slaughter wrote some great early crime novels with a strong coroner and female detective characterisation. I think 'KissCut' is the first or second book. Then 'Blindsighted'. The later books in the series tend to make me a tad incredulous- I mean, how many times can one person be at the centre of a major crime although the books do cover the meth explosion in poorer states well. And Far Right extremist groups too.

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