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To ask you what you are reading?

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notnearlythereyet Sun 27-Jul-14 22:01:15

Just that really.

I fell in love in Zadie Smith's prose, just finished 'On beauty'. In the middle of 'Anna Karenina' now and eyeing up 'A hundred years of solitude' in my handbag.

Interested in books that you would recommend, as this summery weather makes me want to curl up in a hammock and read, read, read..(don't have a hammock just yet so a beanbag has to do for now).

Stopmithering Sun 27-Jul-14 22:30:29

Currently reading Ruth Rendell, tigerlily something or other. It's ok.
Before that, read Timbuktu by Paul Auster. Really enjoyed that one. Told from the point of view of a dog and typical Paul Auster clever writing.
(Why is this in AIBU?)

RainbowB7 Sun 27-Jul-14 22:30:45

I've just finished a Zadie Smith this weekend, NW. I really enjoyed the style and characterisation but I found the ending a bit dissatisfying. Definitely worth a read though if you haven't already!

TheAmazingZebraOnWheels Sun 27-Jul-14 22:31:13

I'm reading 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. It's really good but I think I've enjoyed others of his more, particularly Kafka on The Shore.

kerrymumbles Sun 27-Jul-14 22:31:30

dr. Sleep by stephen king then onto The Luminaries

CointreauVersial Sun 27-Jul-14 22:33:42

I should be reading The Goldfinch, but I was a bit slow in ordering it from the library and it didn't come in in time for my holiday.

So I'm reading "The Hare with the Amber Eyes" by Edmund De Waal. I've been meaning to read it for a while. I've only just started, and it's a bit "dry" so far, but I think it will get better.

Muskey Sun 27-Jul-14 22:34:12

Some kind person on mn recommended sunne in splendour about the wars of the roses and it was only £1.79 on kindle bargin

ObfusKate Sun 27-Jul-14 22:34:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LOLeater Sun 27-Jul-14 22:36:59

Most of the way through 'And the Mountains Echoed' (I think that's it) by Khalid Hosseini and enjoying it.

Laska42 Sun 27-Jul-14 22:38:07

The best book I read on holiday was Ruth Ozeki's 'A Tale for the Time Being' .. Stunning.. Last week I started 'The Lowland' by Jhumpa Lahiri. but gave up after a few chapters .. not like me, but I just couldnt get into it at all, and couldnt care about the characters one bit.. ..

Bolshybookworm Sun 27-Jul-14 22:38:15

The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. Enjoying it although not quite as much as the Poisonwood Bible and Flight Behaviour. Just finished Apple Tree Yard by Louise Doughty which I was a little disappointed by- it just didn't ring true in lots of ways. Looking for a good holiday book so watching this thread for recommendations!

cardibach Sun 27-Jul-14 22:38:35

J.K.Rowling's 'A Casual Vacancy' - I'm enjoying it. Have 'Life after Life' to read on holiday next week.
I'll be looking up some of these for my Kindle!

ThisIsBULLSHIT Sun 27-Jul-14 22:39:10

Am reading Birdman by Mo Hayder but am struggling a bit..
Have just read two books in the Virus series by Kathy Reichs. Teenagey but I like to pre-read DDs books (and they are really good.....)

It's my birthday in a few days so I am hoping some kindly soul might get me a new book <eyeballs DH> .....

IneedAwittierNickname Sun 27-Jul-14 22:39:12

I've just finished The Lifeboat By Charlotte someoneorother.
Going to start The Fault In Our Stars next I think.

ThisIsBULLSHIT Sun 27-Jul-14 22:41:13

I tried so hard to read that book cointreau but couldn't get into it! let us know how you go!

cardi that is a brilliant book! Am v jealous that you have it all to read! (Ps it's CC from the DT...) grin

kippersmum Sun 27-Jul-14 22:41:54

I'm a non-fiction fan & I would urge you to read "Bareback Around the World" by Dr Pat Garrod, one of the best books I've read for a long time

grocklebox Sun 27-Jul-14 22:42:25

yabu to ask here. You know mn has an entire section called Adult Fiction, purely designed for this question.
But not to be churlish: The Siege by Helen Dunmore. Set in Leningrad in the winter of 1941.

acsec Sun 27-Jul-14 22:42:52

I'm reading Moranthology by Caitlin Moran. It's very funny.

ovaryhill Sun 27-Jul-14 22:44:36

I'm re reading I am pilgrim by Terry Hayes, sort of 24 in book form

ICanSeeTheSun Sun 27-Jul-14 22:45:31

Seduced in the dark by CJ Roberts.

It's a difficult read emotionally but will finish.

appealtakingovermylife Sun 27-Jul-14 22:45:47

I'm reading "the coffee shop on the corner" by milly Johnson.
Am waiting with excitement for my 2 favourite authors new books, sophie kinsella and Mike Gayle, both due out soonsmile

TheBitterBoy Sun 27-Jul-14 22:47:44

I'm reading Casting Off by Emma Bamford which is the true story of a girl who chucked in her successful career to go sailing with a man she'd never met before after answering an internet ad. It is a surprisingly enjoyable read and has made me have itchy feet for the first time in my life.

Cocolepew Sun 27-Jul-14 22:48:54

Missing You by Harlan Coben. Brilliant as usual, but I wish he'd write another Myron book.

Lala5 Sun 27-Jul-14 22:50:45

Afterwards by rosamund Lupton is excellent holiday read if no ones read it

scottishmummy Sun 27-Jul-14 22:53:05

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves Karen Joy Fowler

5Foot5 Sun 27-Jul-14 22:53:37

Just finished "The Girl Who Saved The King of Sweden" by Jonas Jonasson (v entertaining) and "The Humble Companion" by Laurie Graham (love most of her books). I have now started "The Little Old Lady Who Broke All The Roles" by Catharina Ingelmann-Sundberg - very promising so far.

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