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First time Actual Sobbing at a Book!SPOILER ALERT

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BaconAndAvocado Sun 13-Jul-14 12:21:24

Finished Perfect by Rachel Joyce last night and found it devastatingly upsetting.

The part where Byron is first taken to Besley Hall just tore me to shreads, so heartbreaking.

A very melancholic book overall but one I couldn't put down.

Anyone else enjoyed it?

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fuzzpig Sun 13-Jul-14 22:23:28

I just read the first bit of your post as it came up on Unanswered Messages... I am NOT reading the rest!

I've just got to Part Two of it, enjoying it as a good read but it's making me sad as I have OCD and have spent time in a psychiatric unit too. It's making me feel quite vulnerable in the sense of just how easy it would be to get to Jim's state sad

I'll be back when I've finished, until then forgive me for ignoring this thread - I'm not risking opening it again in case I see too much! grin

BaconAndAvocado Sun 13-Jul-14 22:48:13

You're forgiven fuzz

Hope to see you back when you've read it. smile

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LOLeater Sun 13-Jul-14 22:50:24

I really didn't enjoy it but loved Harold Fry.

BaconAndAvocado Sun 13-Jul-14 23:14:41

Haven't read Harold Fry yet but don't think my emotions would be able to cope if its as sad as Perfect!

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