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To Kill A Mockingbird is currently FREE on Kindle

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DuchessofMalfi Thu 10-Jul-14 17:25:21

Just that, really smile

Have just "bought" it even though I have got a paperback copy.

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Iseeall Thu 10-Jul-14 17:45:15

Just ordered it, fab book.

LIZS Thu 10-Jul-14 17:46:53

excellent , thank you for the tip off.

pippitysqueakity Thu 10-Jul-14 17:48:49

Ty for noticing this.

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Thu 10-Jul-14 17:50:31

A year late fir gcse, but worth having.

43percentburnt Thu 10-Jul-14 17:57:25

Thank you for letting us know, just downloaded!

dingit Thu 10-Jul-14 17:59:40

Thanks, just got it smile

JimmyCorkhill Thu 10-Jul-14 22:11:16


NadiaWadia Fri 11-Jul-14 19:40:47

Brilliant - thanks!

MrsSquirrel Fri 11-Jul-14 19:48:05

Thanks Duchess, have just downloaded.

Cocolepew Fri 11-Jul-14 19:52:02


Wolfiefan Fri 11-Jul-14 19:53:25

Thanks for the tip!

TheAbominableWoman Fri 11-Jul-14 19:58:46

Brilliant! Thanks!

OwlCapone Fri 11-Jul-14 20:01:48

I'm surprised it's on kindle at all as I thought Harper Lee was against it.

GoingToBedfordshire Fri 11-Jul-14 20:05:05

Brilliant, thanks.

sunbathe Fri 11-Jul-14 20:12:51

Thanks! One of my favourite books.

Sirzy Fri 11-Jul-14 20:15:13

It was only released on kindle a few days back. I paid for it, but never mind I love the book and my paperback version has been well read over the years

SanityClause Fri 11-Jul-14 20:19:51

Thank you. I'll re-read it on holiday.

DuchessofMalfi Fri 11-Jul-14 20:43:48

Sirzy - you may be able to return it for a refund and then get the free copy. Annoying when they do price drops but I have read of others returning and rebuying at the cheaper price.

It makes me cautious of paying too much for a book in case it's reduced to 99p next day grin

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HeathcliffeItsMe Fri 11-Jul-14 20:44:35

Great, thank you!

EmmaGellerGreen Fri 11-Jul-14 20:47:29

Brilliant, thank you.

JiltedJohnsJulie Fri 11-Jul-14 20:55:27

Just ordered. Thank you thanks

edamsavestheday Fri 11-Jul-14 20:59:44

ooh thanks!

Isthiscorrect Fri 11-Jul-14 21:00:55

Thanks, just bought that and then browsed for a few more. Lucky it's the summer holidays.

101066 Fri 11-Jul-14 21:30:46


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