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I need more books, please inspire me!

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PresidentTwonk Sun 22-Jun-14 01:55:51

I really need some new books! I'm going to buy gods inc on my kindle now as that was recently recommended and I'm also going to download the lemon grove by Helen Walsh and the bit is mine (I think) by Helen Fielding and this week so far I've bought;

Cry baby - David Jackson
Can anybody help me? - Sinead Crowley
The murder bag - Tony Parsons
Skeletons - Jane Fallon
Yours is mine - Amy Bird
Look behind you - Sibel Hodge
Payback - Kimberley Chambers

However I've nearly finished them all so I need more, I'll list some of the books/authors I like and if anyone had time to recommend a few books if really appreciate it! smile

I love everything by;
Karen rose
Chris Carter
Jane Fallon

I love the Agatha Raisin and Hamish MacBeth books by MC Beaton

I loved the shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella and a few of her others but I have read them all - the same with Cecilia Ahern

I like early Martina Cole and everything by Mandasue Heller, also have all of and like most of Kinberley Chambers

I loved Sue Townsend the woman who stayed in bed for a year (or something similar!)

I read lots of different types of books - I love 'chick lit', thrillers, horrors (level 26, Richard Laymon, some Stephen King (have the new one), some Dean Koontz (especially the husband). I don't like anything set too at in the past as I can't really relate to the characters and way of life and don't really like biographies/auto biographies/mills and boon type stuff/fifty shades type stuff/sad abusive childhood books

I think that's most of my likes and dislikes (I feel like I'm on a dating site, is there a for books!?) so hopefully someone will have time to wade through it all grin

ProcrastinatorExtraordindaire Sun 22-Jun-14 02:01:42

Have you read any Lesley Pearce?
Chick Lit but stories told over a few decades.

I really enjoyed them a few years ago, used to read much more then. -then I found mumsnet-

bloodyteenagers Sun 22-Jun-14 02:26:55

Kafka's The Castle... It is set in the past, but it's a crazy book and worth a read. If you like that, Kafka has written quite a few crazy books.

Outin/outmove/outview by Brandt Legg really good. Alternate realms of dimensions.

The Mystery Box - Eva Pohler easy quick read.

into the darkness

Mondegreens good for a laugh, and something that you can go back to.
Same with As they Slept and the Village Idiots Ebay club.

Amazon has loads of free books and daily deals. Had an account with them for quite a few years now, and only ever bought 3 books lol, but we have read thousands.

Redglitter Sun 22-Jun-14 02:29:16

Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

absolutely brilliant

PresidentTwonk Sun 22-Jun-14 12:18:50

Procrastinator - I've never tried Lesley Pearce, I'll have a look now, thank you smile

PresidentTwonk Sun 22-Jun-14 12:19:59

BloodyTeenagers - thank you! I'll have a look at all of them, that should last me a while! grin

PresidentTwonk Sun 22-Jun-14 12:21:00

RedGlitter - thank you! I'll have a look for those smile

imaginative Fri 27-Jun-14 14:41:28

Let me know what you think of 'Can anybody help me' as I'm thinking of getting that one. I recently read 'The Lie of You' by Jane Lyndell. I really enjoyed it but I don't really understand why as it also annoyed me by switching tenses mid chapter. But there was just something about it which really stuck in my mind. It's about a woman who systematically destroys the life of another woman. And you only very slowly find out why. But you can't go wrong buying Gods Inc by Sarah King, in my opinion.

I'm currently reading 'They never die quietly.' by D M Annechino. It's very promising so far though quite gory!

Chells Fri 27-Jun-14 14:43:41

The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson... Quirky and awesome!

PresidentTwonk Sun 29-Jun-14 00:35:44

Thank you imaginative, I'm about a quarter of the way through can anybody help me and really enjoying it!

I've got gods inc ready to read next smile

That sounds amazing! The switching of tenses may be a little annoying/hard to get used to but the story sounds brilliant!

PresidentTwonk Sun 29-Jun-14 00:37:09

Chells- thank you, I'll look for that smile

JustRosie Sun 29-Jun-14 10:51:26

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Jenbob80 Sun 29-Jun-14 11:54:59

Bill Bryson is always good.
I really liked Never Google Heartbreak by Emma Garcia. Think she's got a new one out too.

PresidentTwonk Tue 01-Jul-14 05:19:39

Thanks Jenbob80 - I can't sleep so I'll have a look for those smile

Jenbob80 Wed 02-Jul-14 20:08:49

Hope you liked them!

imaginative Thu 03-Jul-14 16:00:36

Thanks President T. I will go and download 'Can somebody help me?' I've just abandoned 'They never die quietly'. After a promising start I lost interest. Too many characters getting introduced and then bumped off!

DuchessofMalfi Thu 03-Jul-14 17:36:27

How about The Murder Bag by Tony Parsons - I only started reading it yesterday - am about 20% in so far, on kindle, but I like it. It's fast paced, jumps straight into the drama, and it's already onto the second murder.

Jenbob80 Thu 03-Jul-14 21:26:20

A few more if you're running out:

What about the Number 1 Ladies detective agency series. Always entertaining and lots of them to keep you going.
I really love Tony Parsons. One for My Baby was my favourite. Really sweet story line and very moving.
I read Surviving Planet Baby last weekend which was very funny if you like comedy. I think it's new. I would definitely recommend.
I'm about to start Emma Garcia's OMG baby which has got good reviews so fingers crossed I like it.

PresidentTwonk Sun 06-Jul-14 01:30:05

Duchess - I've got that downloaded to my kindle, so far I've only read the sample preview but I enjoyed it!

PresidentTwonk Sun 06-Jul-14 01:30:47

Imaginative - I've got they never die quietly and another book by the same author so I'll try them soon smile

PresidentTwonk Sun 06-Jul-14 01:32:19

Jenbob- thank you! I'll get samples of all of those downloaded smile my kindle is always full of samples so I can see if I like them but I've whittled it down a bit so glad to add some more!

BOFster Sun 06-Jul-14 01:59:22

Have you tried the last couple from JK Rowling (not The Casual Vacancy)? Detective fiction, The Cuckoo's Calling and Silkworm? She is writing under the name Robert Galbraith.

PresidentTwonk Fri 11-Jul-14 09:04:12

BOFster- I haven't no, I will get those today smile

spababe Sat 19-Jul-14 13:21:55

I like the same authors as the OP - Sophie Kinsella, Jane Fallon etc

I love the books by Dorothy Koomson and would recommend her. They are about relationships of all kinds and each chapter is from a different character.

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