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Any good kindle books out there?

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Rinkydinkypink Thu 19-Jun-14 13:13:44

I'm very out of touch with current kindle bargains. Dd has just turned 1, ds at school. The footy and then tennis has increased my need for great free kindle reads or bargain books.

I love a good girly book and a drama based story. Not so keen on who dun its. Modern literature, adventure, humour. Also enjoy some fantasy eg Hunger Games. Currently reading The Hive, which I'm enjoying. Have read a lot of Jodie Picoult but a bit sick of her now, finding there all very similar.

mum2jakie Thu 19-Jun-14 16:18:11

The most recent Kindle book I enjoyed was Amanda Egan's 'Diary of a Mummy Misfit.' Less than £2 and it is really funny and entertaining without being taxing.

I've just downloaded 'The Sea Sisters' by Lucy Clarke, currently free and with good reviews. Only read a couple of pages so far but seems a good read.

U2TheEdge Thu 19-Jun-14 17:20:33

Yes, thousands and thousands.

This website is quite good for bargains and is updated daily.

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