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Why did nobody tell me about Donna Tartt ?

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AnyFucker Wed 18-Jun-14 21:46:37

Have just discovered currently reading The Goldfinch

I have some catching up to do, methinks...

StantonLacy Wed 18-Jun-14 22:09:13

Oh my word...I am really quite jealous grin

To think that you've got The Secret History to look forward to - it is just fantastic (The Little Friend, not so fantastic IMO)

Haven't managed to even start The Goldfinch yet as I'm scared it won't live up to Secret History standards (harsh, I know)

You lucky person, enjoy!

AnyFucker Wed 18-Jun-14 22:11:56

I am fairly sure I tried The Little Friend some years ago and thought meh so never tried again

There was bugger all at the library this got The Goldfinch and am about a quarter way through. It is fantastic. These sunny evenings are perfect for sitting in the garden with a book and a glass of wine

elQuintoConyo Wed 18-Jun-14 22:34:05

Ooooooh The Secret History, one of the best books I've ever read apart from Twilight

I jest grin

I shall stick The Goldfinch on my special December winterfestivalgiftlist!

MrsBungle Wed 18-Jun-14 22:35:29

I've just started the goldfinch too. I'm really enjoying it so far (although I'm not very far in yet)

thecuntureshow Wed 18-Jun-14 22:36:23

I'm about a quarter of the way through the Goldfinch too. Don't read nearly as much as I should (she says, watching Newsnight)

MsUumellmahaye Wed 18-Jun-14 22:36:37

Af i a reading goldfinch at the moment 17% in :-)

AnyFucker Wed 18-Jun-14 22:37:36

17 % ? That's very precise smile

TheNightIsDark Wed 18-Jun-14 22:38:48

I've just started this. It was half price in waterstones so thought I would give it a shot. Only a little way in though.

CoteDAzur Wed 18-Jun-14 22:39:20

That would be because she is reading it on a Kindle smile

80sMum Wed 18-Jun-14 22:39:55

I really enjoyed The Little Friend.
I keep meaning to read her other novels but never seem to get the time any more (spend too much time on here!).

BarbaraPalmer Wed 18-Jun-14 22:40:13

LOVED The Secret History - I re-read it annually

The Little Friend, on the other hand, got picked up and put down three or four times before I eventually waded through to the end. Dull as.

I have the Goldfinch on top of my nice little stack of new birthday books, and am nervous as to which one it will be most like.

AnyFucker Wed 18-Jun-14 22:40:35

Ah, a Kindle ? I have no awareness of such things. I still go to my local library and borrow books smile

Chopsypie Wed 18-Jun-14 22:40:42

I enjoyed the goldfinch but I thought it dragged on a bit towards the end. The Vegas bit in the middle is amazing

magimedi Wed 18-Jun-14 22:41:04

I've just finished The Goldfinch.

I cried - because I will never have the pleasure of reading that for the first time again.

Truly in the top 20 of books I have ever read.

Now I don't know what to read next (have read both her others).

AnyFucker Wed 18-Jun-14 22:41:49

I will get Secret History for me hols

zgaze Wed 18-Jun-14 22:43:20

I'm always so jealous of people who haven't read The Secret History, my favourite book ever. I'm another one who rereads it annually!

TheGirlOnTheLanding Wed 18-Jun-14 22:43:51

The little friend never quite took off for me, but loved the Goldfinch, one of the best things I've ever read.

I'm a bit scared to reread The Secret History, though. Loved it at the time, would hate to find it doesn't hold up now.

Can't wait for her next book in 2023 or thereabouts!

BelleOfTheBorstal Wed 18-Jun-14 22:45:37

I loved both The Secret History and The Little Friend. In fact, it is seven or eight years since I read The Little Friend, think I will give it a re-read and then move pointy The Goldfinch.

BelleOfTheBorstal Wed 18-Jun-14 22:46:17


LePamplemousse Wed 18-Jun-14 22:46:49

I really think The Goldfinch is a masterpiece.

AnyFucker Wed 18-Jun-14 22:51:36

As I was reading it sat in the garden this evening, it was a good job I had my sunglasses on as I kept having a little sob every so often smile

Desertrunner Wed 18-Jun-14 22:57:10

Loved loved the secret history. Need to go and dig it out so I can re-read it YET AGAIN. Have hardly any time to read these days and didn't know about The Goldfinch but will definitely give it a go if it's anywhere as good as The Secret History. The little friend - got bored, didn't finish it and left it behind in a hotel in Mexico (unimpressed).

MsUumellmahaye Thu 19-Jun-14 08:10:43

Indeed i am reading it on my kindle. Will buy secret history for my hols.

AnonymousBird Thu 19-Jun-14 13:17:17

As everyone says, you lucky lucky thing to have it in front of you! Secret History is top five of all time for me, read it in 90-something when it came out, read it again a few years ago, listened to the radio adaptation. I am kind of hooked! The Goldfinch is not far behind.

I thought Little Friend was fabulous..... until near the end when it slouched a bit for me.

I think how she writes so articulately that you can feel it and breathe it is sensational. In the drink/drugs induced stuff in Goldfinch, I felt like I'd had a skinful reading it, just conveyed the feeling of it so so well.

She writes so accurately, there is no muddling, each view point or sequence is exhaustively (but not excessively) described and revealed. She answers all your mental questions as you read, just as you are thinking "what is so and so going to do or think about that", you get it there for you.

Just hope we don't wait another ten years for her next one. I've read one in my 20's, my 30's and my 40's. PLEASE don't make me wait until I am 50 Donna!

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