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Please recommend me some boring (but not too boring) books!

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Hogwash Tue 17-Jun-14 21:30:07

My husband will soon start getting up really early - hours before I need to be up. He suffers slightly from bull-in-a-china-shop-itis when it comes to trying to leave the house quietly and I usually wake too. I need some books that will lull me back to sleep ...

joanofarchitrave Tue 17-Jun-14 21:33:15

David Copperfield


The Bible - stick to low stress books like Proverbs or the prophets, as I find the histories and the New Testament are apt to give me the rage

The Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark - I am reading this at the moment and it is jolly good but also very small print and rather dense with endless manoeuvring of European foreign ministers just prior to WWI [zzzzzzz]

Hogwash Tue 17-Jun-14 21:45:41

Thank you! I need to be motivated to pick it up in the first place though, rather than just Mumsnet on my phone (which keeps me awake) so not too dull!

Youdontneedacriminallawyer Tue 17-Jun-14 21:51:21

Try listening to R4. Not boring, but definitely calming.

MrsCosmopilite Tue 17-Jun-14 22:15:36

The Mill on the Floss. Bored me silly when I reread it recently. There are some great descriptive bits in it.

Alternatively try some historical stuff? I was reading a quite interesting but very dry book recently about the rise of the Boleyn family. smile

DuchessofMalfi Wed 18-Jun-14 06:44:50

Another vote for Radio 4. Always fall asleep listening to it last thing at night. Is very soporific grin Not so sure about mornings though, maybe Classic FM?

I find books don't send me to sleep, even boring ones. Although my dad swore reading Proust sorted out a bad spell of insomnia for him smile. Worth a try maybe? Or audiobooks, perhaps?

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