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If I enjoyed these books, what else might I like?

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BeetRooster Tue 03-Jun-14 11:44:29

I'm looking for reading material for our summer holiday and would love some suggestions. I want to find books where you feel like a different person once you've finished it.

Previously I have enjoyed:

All Khaled Hosseini
The History of Love (Nicole Krauss)
The Book Thief
The Help
Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
This Book Will Save Your Life
Ketchup Clouds
Before I Go To Sleep
John Grisham
Then We Came To The End
All Jo Nesbo books (have been saving Police for this trip)
Girl With Dragon Tattoo etc
The House At Riverton

I dislike:

Dystopian/disaster books
Misery lit
Historical books (e.g. Bring Up The Bodies)
War Fiction
The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Instructions For A Heatwave or generally books involving a large dysfunctional Irish family.

Any suggestions?

mrsjavierbardem Wed 09-Jul-14 13:36:26

Sarah Waters (I think that's right!)

Lovelydiscusfish Thu 10-Jul-14 06:50:19

I would echo the Kate Atkinson recommendations - everyone I know who has read it has loved all her stuff.

HovePaul Thu 10-Jul-14 21:16:06

Anything by Elizabeth Haynes, she's an amazing author, and really brings the characters to life as well as having exciting crime plots.

Sonnet Thu 10-Jul-14 21:29:05

Duchess just purchased One Night in Winter' based on your recommendation above and previous recommendations I have picked up from you. grin

DuchessofMalfi Fri 11-Jul-14 06:00:17

smile @ Sonnet. Hope you enjoy it. I recommended it to my dad too as he wanted something engrossing for a lengthy hospital stay recently. He loved it.

Will be keeping Simon Sebag Montefiore on my list of favourite authors.

I'm currently half way through Heresy by S J Parris. It's the first of her Giordano Bruno series set in Elizabethan England. He is a spy working for Sir Francis Walsingham and has been drawn into investigating murders happening at at Oxford college. Is rather good so far. There are four novels so far, fifth one expected next year.

DuchessofMalfi Fri 11-Jul-14 06:03:36

That should read "at an ...."

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