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Can you help me identify this book?

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Helgathehairy Tue 20-May-14 16:08:54

I noticed a book in my local bookshop and was going to buy it to take on holiday but decided to get it on kindle instead. However I've forgotten the name and can't get back to the bookshop this week.

I THOUGHT it was called "Love Lulu" or "Love Lola". I think it's non-fiction, it's about an au-pair who goes to work for an eccentric family in London and the books are the letters she wrote home. It's humorous.

It's not on the best sellers list but I don't think it's too old.

Any ideas?

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shumway Tue 20-May-14 16:12:48

Love Nina by Nina Stibbe

emmelinelucas Tue 20-May-14 16:13:13

I think it's called Love, Nina by Nina Stebbe

LoblollyBoy Tue 20-May-14 16:15:35

I think so too, that's what you get if you type "eccentric London family au pair letters home" into Google!

Helgathehairy Tue 20-May-14 16:19:47

Thanks so much, I knew people here would know it!

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QueenofallIsee Tue 20-May-14 16:24:06

I read in the Telegraph that Alan Bennett (the playwright) that she got to know as an au pair really objects to her describing him as good at fixing things!

DuchessofMalfi Tue 20-May-14 17:57:55

He made a comment in an interview on Radio 4 that he had been ribbed by people who'd read the book, and that was it pretty much. He sounded a little bit grumpy but did actually go on to say some nice things about Nina Stibbe as well.

I read Love, Nina earlier this year and thought it very funny. Am also a fan of Alan Bennett's writing, and think they're not dissimilar smile

PaulinesPen Tue 20-May-14 18:13:21

I'm sure I heard this being read out on R4.

DuchessofMalfi Tue 20-May-14 19:30:45

It was serialised on R4, in November or December last year I think. That's when I first heard of it, found it so funny I had to read the book.

Summerbreezing Thu 22-May-14 11:03:01

Love Nina is a fantastic book. I got it for Christmas and had it read by end of Boxing Day. I just couldn't put it down.

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