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Can you help me find a bit from Captain Corelli's Mandolin?

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sassy Tue 23-Mar-04 12:35:13

My sister is looking for readings for her wedding, one religious, one secular. For her secular reading I suggested that bit in Captain Coreli where someone (maybe Pelagia's father?) talks about how he and his wife were like two olive trees; two separate trees above ground but their roots were so tangled they were like one tree below ground. I've done a search but can't locate the bit I want. Can any of you ladies help out?x

Moomin Thu 25-Mar-04 20:49:05

I had it for my wedding. Yes it's Peg's dad and it starts "And another thing. Love is a temporary madness...". It's on page 281 of the paperback version, the blue and pale yellow one.

sassy Sat 27-Mar-04 12:16:04

Thanks Moomin, will pass this on.x

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