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Help! Kindle gone mad.

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Clawdy Thu 01-May-14 10:08:51

We are between house moves and staying with various friends and family so have had to change wifi connection a few times,don't know if that has sparked off the problem. I noticed a free book and then a sample from Amazon did not download. Then I noticed my entire archive (loads of books!) had disappeared! I tried switching it off completely to re-set as one or two people suggested but it's made no difference. Anyone had similar problems?

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BrianButterfield Thu 01-May-14 10:10:54

Phone Amazon - they are really friendly and helpful (American, you see...)

skinmysunshine Thu 01-May-14 10:20:17

Don't worry about your archive, you can redownload from Amazon. I would do the live chat thing with them. It's pretty good and they will call you if they need to.

Clawdy Thu 01-May-14 10:26:15

Thanks, will try that later!

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