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Has anyone else read this book?

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Erimentha Mon 21-Apr-14 22:49:06

I do also have a thread about this in chat but wondered if anyone over here might know, as I now have several other people who don't know it, can't find it but quite fancy reading it too. smile

I read a book from a camp site library about 11 years ago, it was really good and I have been searching for it since but as I can't remember the title or the author's name I have never been able to find it to much frustration.

The cover of the hardback was of a moon and then 2 faces in profile one in front of the other and it was green

The story (possibly triggering) was about a teenage girl who was sexually assaulted by a group of boys at her school disco, this had an effect on her mental health and IIRC she stopped talking but I could be mistaken about that. Her parents took her on a family holiday to a place in Europe I think it was and on a visit to a convent she felt a lot peace and her parents decided to send her to the school attached to it. She made a good friend there and one of her friends duties was to tend to the local water supply which the convent owned and was a place where people held pilgrimage's too once a year as it had powers of fertility. Her friend became pregnant and was expelled from the school and I think it became the main characters job to tens to the water until after drinking it she too becomes pregnant despite having no sexual contact. She then goes to live with someone in the village local to the convent (I'm a bit hazy on that part) I think this lady had always wanted children but despite making the pilgrimage every year had never managed to conceive. The crux of the story was that a local scientist, who I can't remember how she actually fitted in to the story other than at the end, was giving the girls some compound to put in the water supply which was making the women pregnant if they were fertile, but the babies were clones of themselves and infertile.

I really hope someone else has read and remembers this book as i have spent years and many, many, many fruitless hours on google desperately trying to find it to no avail.

bibliomania Wed 23-Apr-14 11:17:21

Sorry, doesn't ring any bells....

myflabberisgasted Thu 24-Apr-14 21:14:59

Haha I saw your posts on unsolved mysteries and I wondered what book it was! Sorry I've never heard of it but I'm bumping for you! Good luck smile

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