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Can't remember the title!!!

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cheeseandbiscuitsplease Tue 01-Apr-14 07:01:41

Please can anyone help me track down this book!!!! I bought it approximately 10 years ago, a hilarious book about a guy trying to win back his girlfriend. I had the paperback edition and it had a picture of a penguin on the front. In the book the guy nicked a penguin from London zoo and kept it in his bath in his flat. Sounds bizarre but it was genuinely the funniest and loveliest book. I can't remember the title or the author. Loaned my copy to a workmate who then moved on.....and took my bloody book with her. I bought the book after seeing it advertised on billboards on the tube when I was on holiday on London and it had such great reviews. It was hilarious and very very touching. Can anyone help???!!!!

DuchessofMalfi Tue 01-Apr-14 08:58:29

Sounds familiar, but no idea what title is eithersmile

Have also learned from bitter experience not to lend books to people. I don't anymore.

AlpacaLypse Tue 01-Apr-14 08:59:59

I remember it too, but sorry can't remember title or author - not a Tony Hawks was it?

Nucky Tue 01-Apr-14 09:03:28

Are you sure it was London Zoo? It sounds very much like the plot of Andrey Kurkov's 'Death and the Penguin' but that is set in Ukraine.

Cheboludo Tue 01-Apr-14 14:48:57

It isn't My Fat Brother by Jim Keeble, is it? Your description made me think of the cover - it's white with a little painted penguin.

justkeeponsmiling Tue 01-Apr-14 15:06:03

Just a wild guess as I've not read it but could it be Silver Lining Playbook?

cheeseandbiscuitsplease Tue 01-Apr-14 21:02:39

Yes Chenoludo thats it My Fat Brother!!!!! Thank uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Aaah that's amazing thank you going to order it straight away hurrrrrayyyyyyy!!!!

cheeseandbiscuitsplease Tue 01-Apr-14 21:03:07

Cheboludo sorry ;)

Cheboludo Tue 01-Apr-14 21:21:32

You're very welcome! I'd had it for years but haven't read it - think I'll stick it on my TBR pile now smile

highlandcoo Wed 02-Apr-14 07:55:13

That's so weird - I've also had this sitting in my bookcase for ages and came across it just the other day. Will definitely get round to reading it after your recommendation OP smile

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