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Mumsnet debut fiction club: Paula Daly and Just What Kind of Mother are You?

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Mar-14 14:14:56

Last month we launched Mumsnet Introduces... our new feature on debut authors. This week we're introducing Paula Daly and her debut Just What Kind of Mother Are you?

Paula's debut novel plays to your very worst fears as a mother - a friend's child going missing on your watch. Paula takes the reader on a psychological journey through the relationship of the two affected mothers and their circle of friends.

We ran a giveaway last year when the book first came out in hardback and most mumsnetters were gripped. As one mnetter said "Due to chronic sleep deprivation & limited time (2 yr old & 6 month old) I have struggled to read more than a magazine recently but I read this book in a couple of days". Another said "This should be called 'Mumsnet - The Novel', right down to the mention of Greggs, it's as if the author had read lots and lots of threads on MN and then incorporated them into story".

If you fancy giving it a go, apply for a free copy and come back to this thread and let us know what you think or post up a review. Next week we'll be linking to Paula Daly's debut author tips from this thread.

DuchessofMalfi Mon 17-Mar-14 18:04:22

Have applied. Fingers crossed - nearly bought this a couple of days ago. Looks really good.

jojack17 Tue 18-Mar-14 21:15:29

Ooh yes, I've applied, looks right up my street, hope I'm chosen

SarahAndFuck Thu 20-Mar-14 14:43:29

I've been watching this book on my Kindle wishlist but I'd love the proper book. I will be applying right now, I think it sounds great. smile

Feenie Thu 20-Mar-14 20:58:06

I read this last summer - really enjoyed it

Cantdothisagain Fri 21-Mar-14 20:22:29

I read it too and enjoyed it a lot despite some reservations...

wrenster Sat 22-Mar-14 07:22:10

Sounds like a good read, would love a copy for the hols. Fingers crossed!

Dunlurking Sat 22-Mar-14 10:14:37

Looking forward to reading Paula Daly's tips for debut authors. I'm keen to read her next book to see what direction she goes. Enjoyed reading this last year.

I went to a talk by her at a book festival last week and she talked about how reading Stephen King's book On Writing convinced her she could try writing a novel. She was quite hard headed about not messing about with short stories when you've not had anything published yet, as there's no market for them.

frazzledbutcalm Sat 22-Mar-14 15:57:50

I've just applied, fingers crossed! smile

Cantdothisagain Sun 23-Mar-14 09:28:49

I've just started her new one. Good so far!

RaisinGirls Sun 23-Mar-14 10:03:47

Applied for a copy. Hope I get one, as I am on the look out for books to read on my maternity leave!

Feenie Sun 23-Mar-14 13:58:33

Ooh, thanks cantdothisagain, I didn't know there was a new one.

<sprints off to Amazon>

LordPalmerston Sun 23-Mar-14 14:01:39

is this a shitty chick lit book though?

StealthPolarBear Sun 23-Mar-14 14:08:22

Just read this (boight yesterday and finished this morning) amd really enjoyed it.
Also liked the detective and she was in the short story so hopwfully she will be a permanent fixture.

StealthPolarBear Sun 23-Mar-14 14:08:54

And if anyone wants onw and doesnt get a freebie let me know, happy to post mine for costof postage.

Cantdothisagain Sun 23-Mar-14 19:48:30

Just read the new one - was so gripping read it all today. But it was very unlikely. And a bit miserable tbh as the admittedly evil friend who steals the main characters husband is portrayed as entirely to blame, whilst he is excused because his wife had been too busy to give him enough blowjobs. That's not a spoiler by the way - happens v early on. I didn't like this as much as the first- like the writing style but think this could have been developed better.

Cantdothisagain Sun 23-Mar-14 19:50:37

As a post script, I found the main character very convincing and again I love the references to contemporary culture and parenting etc - and I was utterly gripped - but less keen on this one....

StealthPolarBear Sun 23-Mar-14 20:20:47

One of the things I found odd btw was about her son - he'd not lost any baby teeth and they were worn down to nubs. Does that really happen?? Ds has most of his and afaik they look the same as they always did!

AliceMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 25-Mar-14 11:12:55

This book giveaway is now closed. We will notify those who have been selected to receive a free copy via email. We would love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to discuss the book on this thread. Also, read Paula's advice to budding novelists in her debut author tips.

frazzledbutcalm Thu 27-Mar-14 19:45:37

I've had an email saying I've been selected to receive a free copy! I'm so excited! blush

SarahAndFuck Thu 27-Mar-14 21:08:21

Thank you very much, very excited to be getting a copy of the book. Can't wait to read it smile

StealthPolarBear Thu 27-Mar-14 21:19:33

Anyone who didn't get one want me to send a copy with one previous careful (ish) owner?

DuchessofMalfi Thu 27-Mar-14 21:23:26

I got an email too. Will be my holiday read smile smile smile smile

SarahAndFuck Thu 03-Apr-14 12:57:43

My copy arrived today, I will be starting it later. Thanks again smile

frazzledbutcalm Thu 03-Apr-14 14:27:00

My copy arrived today... THANK YOU MUMSNET!! [SMILE]

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