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The Unlit Lamp

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EBearhug Tue 11-Mar-14 08:43:18

I was wondering if anyone else had read this, Radclyffe Hall's first novel.

It's about a woman who wants to train as a doctor and have a career, but her mother expects her to stay home and care for her. It's a theme also in Laura Esquivel's Like Water For Chocolate.

I haven't read either for years, but I woke up with the Unlit Lamp and being "bottled" on my mind. Don't know why (my parents are both dead.) I just wondered if it's a book anyone else knew. I found it more readable than the Well of Loneliness, which I found very depressing. I found the Unlit Lamp depressing in its way, too, the domineering mother who ignored her daughter's needs and wishes in favour of her own, but it seemed a more relevant story to me partly because of that.

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