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i ADORED this book - loads of facts and interest about Scandanavia

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LordPalmerston Tue 04-Mar-14 21:41:26
once you start you need someone nearby who will ahum and aha at the facts you have got out of it.


mizu Fri 21-Mar-14 17:14:30

I have this on my wish list and am looking forward to reading it.

sassytheFIRST Fri 21-Mar-14 17:16:45

Might have mentioned this once or twice on twatter... wink

13loki Fri 21-Mar-14 17:18:29

I live in Sweden. Will it give me facts to annoy my (Swedish) workmates?

EduardoBarcelona Fri 09-May-14 07:36:18

oh yes...
it annoyed ALL of twitter. ;) *

* with facts they then amazed their mates with

MooncupGoddess Fri 09-May-14 07:38:59

Oh, I heard about this! Must put it on the list...

I liked Fishing in Utopia, about Sweden in the 1970s. The author lived in a little provincial town where anyone who wanted booze had to order it at the bus station and then go and collect it the next day.

EduardoBarcelona Sat 10-May-14 11:55:39

Ooh I'll try that. I'm a non fic freak atm

skinmysunshine Sat 10-May-14 12:08:05

Added to wish list

alcibiades Sat 10-May-14 14:30:28

Looks interesting. Added to my wish list.

TroyMcClure Thu 12-Jun-14 19:03:47

anyone finished it?

puzzlepiecebehindthecouch Thu 26-Jun-14 15:58:47

Just reserved this at the bibliotek here :-) Looking forward to reading more about my new home country and neighbours grin

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