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CHILDREN'S books you've enjoyed as an ADULT

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JellySnakesLadderedTights Thu 30-Jan-14 17:57:25

Looking for something nice to read that won't take up too much time or mental energy.

Has anyone read any children's books, as an adult, that they have really liked and would recommend?

I personally have read a book called Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. This is aimed at young teens. It's a very sweet little novel about the afterlife (It' s not a religious book), and I found it very comforting whilst grieving.

So, what are your suggestions?

Astralabe Thu 30-Jan-14 18:04:55

Tottie's House by Rumer Godden - I watched it as a kid and kept the book - the storytelling is rich and layered, I loved discovering it again.

GandTnow Thu 30-Jan-14 18:05:39

Read 'The Hunger Games', very readable, also the 'Skulduggery Pleasant' books by Derek Landy are quite funny. My DH got me to read 'Eagle of the Ninth' by Rosemary Sutcliffe as he loved it as a boy - quite good.

Weekipper Thu 30-Jan-14 18:08:43

I like 'A bit lost.'

VoldysGoneMouldy Thu 30-Jan-14 18:13:54

Harry Potter (obviously), the Heidi collection, and am now wanting to reread Charlotte's Web.

kiwiscantfly Thu 30-Jan-14 18:15:30

Anne of Green Gables! All of them, one after each other!

EllenJanesthickerknickers Thu 30-Jan-14 18:15:52

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas? Or the Philip Pullman 'His Dark Materials' trilogy, starting with Northern Lights.

AlpacaPicnic Thu 30-Jan-14 18:16:03

Anything by Sarah Dessen - her books make me sob!
Also enjoyed Love, Aubrey for the same reasons...

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 30-Jan-14 18:16:33

Philip Pullman's "Northern Lights" trilogy

NinjaBunny Thu 30-Jan-14 18:18:00

Goodnight Mister Tom.

First read it aged 9/10 when I didn't actually have feck all clue about the war, London bombings, etc.

Now I've watched Blackadder and read the Horrible History books educated myself I can appreciate it more.

GossamerHailfilter Thu 30-Jan-14 18:19:40

'This is how I live now' is great.

colleysmill Thu 30-Jan-14 18:21:06

I read The Hobbit recently for the first time and rather enjoyed it

OneWaySystemBlues Thu 30-Jan-14 18:23:02

If you've got a kindle, I've just finished reading this: PsiCo Only £1 and a cracking good read. Written by a friend of a friend - he recently won a competition. It's a supernatural thriller, but I was gripped and couldn't put it down, despite just reading it initially because my friend recommended it!

I've also enjoyed the Anne of Green Gables stories as an adult, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, The Power of Five series by Anthony Horowitz, and The Knife of Never Letting Go series by Patrick Ness. All fantastic.

frugalfuzzpig Thu 30-Jan-14 18:25:48

Artemis Fowl!

BasketzatDawn Thu 30-Jan-14 18:27:29

Malory Blackman's Knots and Crosses etc.

beans37 Thu 30-Jan-14 18:27:32

Holes by Louis Sachar. Or There's a Boy in the Girl's Bathroom by the same author. And also Wonder by RJ Palacio. All three very uplifting.

jellycat Thu 30-Jan-14 18:32:22

The Percy Jackson books, Harry Potter, The Dragonsdome Chronicles by Lucinda Hare, and I recently skimmed though a Michael Morpurgo book (The Nine Lives of Montezuma) which I enjoyed.

LittleBabyPigsus Thu 30-Jan-14 18:33:37

Anne of Green Gables (the full series), the Little House books, Little Women, What Katie Did series, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, Black Beauty. All available for next to nothing, whether a physical book or an ebook. Also, Michelle Magorian's books.

FixItUpChappie Thu 30-Jan-14 18:34:49

Well, I am guilty of really enjoying Teen lit. So here are few fun suggestions:

Divergent - Veronica Roth
The Hunger Games Books - Suzanne Collins
The Beautiful Creatures Series - Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia
The Percy Jackson Series - Rick Riordan

I read C.S Lewis's Narnia Series as an adult after discovering Harry Potter and quite enjoyed (most of) them.

TheNunsOfGavarone Thu 30-Jan-14 18:35:16

Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines series.

Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book

Eva Ibbotson's Journey to the River Sea and The Star of Kazan

....are some that spring immediately to mind.

TravelinColour Thu 30-Jan-14 18:35:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FixItUpChappie Thu 30-Jan-14 18:38:37

I don't think its a teen book per se, but TheNuns suggestion of Neil Gaiman made me want to recommend to you "Neverwhere" by that author which is a fantastic and entertaining read.

IamGrimalkin Thu 30-Jan-14 18:39:10

The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney are very good. They are a series though!

If I'm in the bath and have nothing new to read I will go and find the Faraway tree books :-)

Taffeta Thu 30-Jan-14 18:41:07

All the Ottoline books are wonderful. And second Neil Gaiman, loved reading Fortunately the Milk to DD

FixItUpChappie Thu 30-Jan-14 18:42:11

Also, I just finish City of Ember and that was a fun and very short little read. I will definitely pick up the others in that series.

Sorry, I like this topic grin

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