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too many books!

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spacegirl81 Thu 16-Jan-14 14:26:22

I am moving house and need to drastically reduce my books. have a given a large portion to family and friends but still have a lot, around 100 left!

can anyone recommend where I can sell them? need them gone quite quickly!! smile

woowoo22 Thu 16-Jan-14 14:29:43

There's websites where you type in the ISBN and post them off, then get a great big cheque! I got £37 quid one time. Can't remember the name right now though blush

spacegirl81 Thu 16-Jan-14 14:31:12

will have a look, did you get a fair price per book? smile

woowoo22 Thu 16-Jan-14 14:38:43

Yes, some of them come up as "we don't want this", but some random books got v high prices - £8 for a random book about TEFL that I'd had for years! Odd.

spacegirl81 Thu 16-Jan-14 14:49:20

was it ?!!

woowoo22 Thu 16-Jan-14 15:38:02

Yes! Hurrah! grin
Have you started? Quite a few of e didn't make the cut, but is still worthwhile esp if you have that number of books to get rid of!

spacegirl81 Thu 16-Jan-14 15:46:00

will make a start tonight whens kids in bed! did they collect them? smile

spacegirl81 Thu 16-Jan-14 20:44:38

Took me 2 hours!! Checked all the books on webuybooks and zapper. Ended up with 16 going to webuybooks at a profit of £16.32. Theres a 10% increase on webuybooks with offer code WBBFB2014 in January.

Still have loads of unsold books mind....

lilolilmanchester Thu 16-Jan-14 20:50:42

Also interested in this website. Do you have to pay your own postage though? I can imagine that could be quite heavy and therefore quite expensive?

lilolilmanchester Thu 16-Jan-14 20:52:58

Sorry, should have looked at website first, seems you print out a free pre-paid postage label.

spacegirl81 Thu 16-Jan-14 21:30:03

yeah you do and then drop off at a collect plus place. will let you know how I get on! smile

atthestrokeoftwelve Thu 16-Jan-14 21:43:00

I use Ziffit- they pick up from home free if over 10Kg. I have made £30 this month from old books.

spacegirl81 Thu 16-Jan-14 21:47:14

I was going to try them tomorrow for the rest of the books.

how many books did you sell for 30?


atthestrokeoftwelve Thu 16-Jan-14 21:51:18

Ive sold around 100.

spacegirl81 Sun 19-Jan-14 15:42:41

ive managed to sell another 75 books on ziffit and they are being collected tomorrow but where do you find the label for the outside of the box? smile

atthestrokeoftwelve Sun 19-Jan-14 15:50:47

No label- just write the trade number on the box. The delivery guy provides a barcoded label when he comes.

spacegirl81 Sun 19-Jan-14 16:01:15

thats great, thank you! spent ages looking for it! smile

pamish Mon 20-Jan-14 18:47:33

For unwanted ones, remember oxfam will get GiftAid money for all goods if you register for their scheme, you just get a number that you write on the box or sack you bring to their shop. Even if stuff gets dumped, they get a nominal 25p back for each book or garment.

If you think 100 books is a lot left over, try walking across my living room floor.

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