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Dark Matter (Michelle Paver)

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Cheesymonster Sun 05-Jan-14 16:00:16

Just finished this and loved it. Can anyone recommend something similar please?

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Kittensmctavish Sun 05-Jan-14 16:05:36

You must read 'A woman in the polar night' by Christine Ritter. Not like it in terms of being a ghost story but inspired Michelle Paver. I couldn't believe I'd never heard of it! It is amazingly interesting. Highly recommended!

Cheesymonster Sun 05-Jan-14 18:30:43

Thank you smile

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HarderToKidnap Wed 08-Jan-14 17:22:23

I remember you by Yrsa Sigurdardottir is similar, ghost story set somewhere cold! Wasn't as good but still worth a read.

SilverDragonfly1 Sat 11-Jan-14 00:33:19

Have you tried The Terror by Dan Simmons? It's about an expedition to the North pole in the 19thC, beginning when their ships are stuck in the ice. Very interesting and it does get supernatural later on.

Caitlin17 Sat 11-Jan-14 15:07:36

Oh The Terror is fab.

Or Adam Baker's Outpost. It's sci-fi rather than ghosts but cold and scary.

Or Susan Price's Ghost World trilogy (Ghost Drum, Ghost Dance and Ghost Song)

SilverDragonfly1 Sat 11-Jan-14 16:07:37

Just read Outpost! Going to get the other 2 as well. I don't know what it is but I love reading books set in extreme climates.

I'll have to look up Susan Price too as we obviously have similar tastes.

perplexedpirate Sat 11-Jan-14 16:14:21

Yeah! I loved this and have had real trouble getting a decent ghost story recently (The Woman in Black 2 is DIRE).
Thanks OP, I'll watch this with interest.
Oh, and have you read The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters? Loved that.

SilverDragonfly1 Sat 11-Jan-14 16:20:16

There's a Woman in Black 2 now? Actually by Susan Hill? I can't imagine her writing anything bad.

perplexedpirate Sat 11-Jan-14 16:31:53

Not by Susan Hill, and there's the rub!
I wouldn't be surprised if the guy who wrote it had never actually read the original. It was unadulterated drivel. Susan Hill apparently endorsed it though. confused

SilverDragonfly1 Sat 11-Jan-14 16:44:06

Ah right, I'll give that one a miss then.

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