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RIP Elizabeth Jane Howard

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BreconBeBuggered Fri 03-Jan-14 01:03:47

Very sad to learn of the death on 2nd January of Elizabeth Jane Howard, one of my very favourite authors. I'd stoically held out until Christmas to wait for my copy of her last novel All Change, and had finished it well before New Year, even with a family to entertain.

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DuchessofMalfi Fri 03-Jan-14 05:56:19

That is very sad news.

Thisisaghostlyeuphemism Fri 03-Jan-14 18:18:23

I've only read two of the Cazalet chronicles, so feel fortunate that I have the rest to look forward to.

It sounds like Elizabeth Jane Howard lived an amazing life!

hackmum Fri 03-Jan-14 18:53:36

I recommend her autobiography Slipstream - she did lead an amazingly action-packed life, and had affairs with goodness knows how many famous men. She was quite a goer in her heyday.

Thisisaghostlyeuphemism Fri 03-Jan-14 19:27:05

I'll get it on the kindle later, thanks hack mum

BeeBawBabbity Fri 03-Jan-14 20:33:23

Oh how sad, I've really enjoyed most of the Cazalet books, will hopefully soon read the last one (hurry up SIL), and have Slipstream on my bedside table ready to read next (Christmas pressie, thanks SIL!).

winkygirl Fri 03-Jan-14 21:21:57

How sad. I loved her Cazalet chronicles. And thanks I have put Slipstream on my wishlist too!

magimedi Sun 05-Jan-14 08:03:58

Having read her obituary I did not realise how semi-autobiographical The Cazalet books are - she certainly put a lot of herself & parents into Luise, Villy & Edward.

EmilyAlice Sun 05-Jan-14 10:34:03

Do read Something in Disguise if you can. It is my absolute favourite and there was a wonderful TV version, which seems to be lost.

hackmum Sun 05-Jan-14 11:00:23

There's a nice tribute to her in today's Observer:

BreconBeBuggered Sun 05-Jan-14 14:59:30

Yes, Something In Disguise is brilliant. Also very fond of Getting It Right.

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OverAndAbove Tue 07-Jan-14 18:34:51

Ah, I had not heard. She was an excellent author. I think I'll get her autobiography.

I too had been putting off Cazalets 5; I feel now like I might want to wait longer!

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