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Got a Kindle for Christmas. Come one and all, and give me your best ever book recommendations

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ASmidgeofMidge Mon 30-Dec-13 11:55:34

Am not put off by length - the meatier the book, the better! Authors I love include Margaret Atwood, Sarah Waters, Maggie O'Farrell, Lesley Glaister.
Adored Wolf Hall & Bring up the Bodies, although not so keen on Mantel's other work. The Secret History is my all-time favourite, but hated The Little Friend and this, coupled w/mixed reviews I've read, have given me The Fear about Tartt's The Goldfinch....
Can anyone help? Am desperate to try out my new contraption but nothing is grabbing me...

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ASmidgeofMidge Mon 30-Dec-13 12:03:59

Oo-also I love Lionel Shriver, if that helps

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BananaNotPeelingWell Mon 30-Dec-13 12:07:23

I loved all the Shardlake books by CJ Sansom (if you like historical mystery type of books)

stickysausages Mon 30-Dec-13 12:12:30

Books on mine I've loved...

Life of pi
Hundred year old man who climbed out of the window
The lifeboat by Charlotte rogan
My sister lives on the mantlepiece
Star of the sea
Unlikely pilgrimage of Harold fry

highlandcoo Mon 30-Dec-13 12:35:47

I like many of the same authors and I'm sure you would enjoy The Observations by Jane Harris. Also The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber. Both big satisfying reads set in Victorian times.

And try one of my favourite authors, Ann Patchett. I discovered her by chance at Hay on Wye a few years ago and love her stuff. Particularly Bel Canto and State of Wonder. Lovely clear intelligent original writing.

ASmidgeofMidge Mon 30-Dec-13 12:36:07

Thank you - will have a look at these

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ASmidgeofMidge Mon 30-Dec-13 12:37:27

X-post - highland I also loved Crimson Petal ... Will have a look @ Jane Harris & Ann Patchett

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MarianForrester Mon 30-Dec-13 13:06:52

A Lost Lady by Willa Cather

Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

AlexVause Mon 30-Dec-13 14:13:10

Agree with you about the Little Friend but the Goldfinch is very good, on par with TSH I think.

Best1sWest Mon 30-Dec-13 14:35:21

Hmm, the Goldfinch. beginning was excellent, middle ok, at 85% now and struggling a bit? hope it redeems itself by the end.

DoItTooBabyJesus Mon 30-Dec-13 14:38:06

The entire BarbaraKingsolver back catalogue! Start with Prodigal Summer.

I've just enjoyed the Snow Child

Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Isabelle Allende?

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