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50 Book Challenge 2014

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juneybean Mon 30-Dec-13 11:19:16

Hopefully nobody minds me starting this thread.

The idea is to read 50 books in 2014 (or more as many people have achieved this year!)

Please also check out our group on Goodreads if you're stuck for ideas of what books to read!

FCEK Mon 30-Dec-13 11:23:24


sooperdooper Mon 30-Dec-13 11:25:31

Oh fab I'll jo

sooperdooper Mon 30-Dec-13 11:26:05

Ugh! I'll join the goodreads group, great idea!

AnneWentworth Mon 30-Dec-13 11:31:21

I am in juney. Thanks for the new thread.

mumtosome61 Mon 30-Dec-13 11:32:12

I'm in! I probably managed 25 last year, but the latter part was taken up with studying. I may not hope for 50, but 30 due to full time studentship!

Joining the group - currently reading the Hunger Games.

lasttothebar Mon 30-Dec-13 11:45:38

i am in too

funambulist Mon 30-Dec-13 12:18:00

I'm in. I read 67 in 2013 but will set a target of 50 and see how I do. I got quite a few books for Christmas that I'm looking forward to reading and also have a fair number of half finished ones from this year which I'd like to complete. See you on 1 January!

ChinngisKhan Mon 30-Dec-13 12:25:57

I'm in! Joining GoodReads now...

ChillieJeanie Mon 30-Dec-13 14:08:17

I'm in! If I don't finish the book I'm currently reading before New Year's Day will that count?

gailforce1 Mon 30-Dec-13 14:31:05

I can recommend The Book Vipers Group on Goodreads. Interesting choice of group reads and lots of members to get good reading recs from!

Best1sWest Mon 30-Dec-13 14:33:27

Count me in. I probably read 150 last year but I spend 2 hours a day on the train and some of them were VERY trashy. going to go for quality over quantity this year.

greenhill Mon 30-Dec-13 14:44:16

Count me in too, I plan to browse news sites a lot less and read with a purpose in the new year. By that I mean instead of idling on the Internet for 10 minutes or so, very regularly, I should read a chapter of a real book.

MegBusset Mon 30-Dec-13 16:15:43

I'm in, I read 56 in 2013 so am aiming for 60 in 2014! I'll join the GR group too smile

AnneWentworth Mon 30-Dec-13 17:20:41

ChillieJeanie- the rules are not hard and fast. Personally if I start it this side and finish in Jan I will count it as no. 1.

Lizzylou Mon 30-Dec-13 17:31:36

I am in, have just started Perfect by Rachel Joyce.
Read a lot second half of this year, want to carry that on.

CoteDAzur Mon 30-Dec-13 17:43:50

Marking my place smile

I'm on my 52nd book of 2013, The Worst Journey In The World.

1Madhouse Mon 30-Dec-13 17:52:16

I am in please. Was a fanatical reader till I had my 1 yr old and it all went out the window. Have loads ready and waiting on my kindle so this is the spur I need. Oh and to shift 3 st but that's a whole other thread !!

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie Mon 30-Dec-13 17:56:45

Ooh - how are you getting on with it, Cote?

Picked up a Stephenson today and put it down again. I fear it would have annoyed me, as the section I opened it to was all in the present tense.

I'm in, but will read more like 150, I imagine, IF I can find any I want to read. smile

woowoo22 Mon 30-Dec-13 18:19:55

Am in please! Just finished Sisterland today, really liked it.

CardiffUniversityNetballTeam Mon 30-Dec-13 18:21:23

Hello everyone! Just signing in! grin

Salutations to everyone from the 2013 thread and a warm welcome to any newbies joining us for 2014.

I think I will finish 2013 on 39 unless I really get a wriggle on tonight and tomorrow.

I am aiming for a minimum 50 in 2014 and I'm really going to knuckle down and set aside some good quality time everyday to read. I am going to try for at least 30 mins and see how I go.

EssentialCoffee Mon 30-Dec-13 18:35:39

Hello everyone <waves>

I'm going to aim for 25 books this year as I've got a very active two year old, and I'm also doing an online course for a qualification.

I'm two chapters into The New Republic by Lionel Shriver, so I think I'm going to count this as my first book of 2014!

Galaxymum Mon 30-Dec-13 19:31:41

I'll join in again. I really enjoyed tracking everyone's progress, and there were some very interesting suggestions which inspired me. I think I'm on Book 57 Mad About the Boy as last one for 2013. I didn't read much from October till December. But before that, I felt motivated to keep reading (and added new authors).

Looking forward to the challenge for 2014 as bought quite a few on my kindle this Christmas.

CoteDAzur Mon 30-Dec-13 19:43:21

Remus - I'm at 8% and really enjoying it.

Which Stephenson book were you attempting to read?

lostdomain Mon 30-Dec-13 19:49:21

Yes please. Can I join in? Brilliant idea for a challenge. I really want to read some better written books too, as I've been hooked on pretty trashy crime thrillers for too long.

Christmas book pile to get stuck into includes:
Americanah - Adichie
New Selected stories - Munro
Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (not sure of author)
And the Mountains Echoed - Hosseini

Can anyone recommend any of these to start with?

Madhouse - about shifting those three stone - a friend of mine goes on and on about audiobooks. She listens while she power walks, so is reading while keeping fit. I was thinking of getting into them, especially for really long books like The Luminaries - not sure my wrists are up to holding it open!

Do audio books count towards the 50?

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