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Gone Girl, hate everyone

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sooperdooper Tue 24-Dec-13 22:47:23

So I've just started Gone Girl, thought it'd be a fun nice easy read and I've heard it raved about but tbh I'm a few chapters in and I hate all the characters and find it pretty irritating, is it worth carrying on with??

DoItTooBabyJesus Tue 24-Dec-13 22:51:01

It's very irritating and badly written. But I persevered and thought it was ok in the end.

It definitely gets better, but you need to get past the first bit!

Audilover Tue 24-Dec-13 22:52:08

I persevered and then wondered why I had and I hated the ending.

CalamitouslyWrong Tue 24-Dec-13 22:52:47

The end is dreadful.

JingleBrains Tue 24-Dec-13 22:54:10

I think it's worth persevering. Disagree the end is dreadful, it's just a bit....ummmm..... not very satisfying I suppose!

sooperdooper Tue 24-Dec-13 22:54:17

Grr, I don 't know if I have time to persevere when there's so many other books I want to read!

Why didn't anyone tell me before I downloaded it!

BunnyLebowski Tue 24-Dec-13 22:55:11

Give up while you still can OP. It's absolutely bloody awful and gets worse as it progresses.

The last third is laughable.

Yama Tue 24-Dec-13 22:55:36

I thought it was truly awful. I didn't persevere past the first third or so and I'm glad I didn't.

Read something good instead.

lougle Tue 24-Dec-13 22:55:38

Yes, I found that I didn't have any pull towards any of the characters - quite fascinating to be able to create characters like that.

paneer Tue 24-Dec-13 22:56:41

of is crap. felt cheated because I could have read something else. most overrated book ever.

CalamitouslyWrong Tue 24-Dec-13 22:57:45

It's not just that the end is unsatisfying but also that it's so improbable. Unfortunately I can't explain further without spoilers, but I just came away thinking 'there is no way anyone would live like that'.

I thought it was astonishingly badly written. Gave up v early on.

bisjo Tue 24-Dec-13 22:59:31

I thought it was one of the most irritating books I had ever read and couldn't see what all the hype was about.

If you want a very well written book with a good story then I highly recommend The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, which is one of the loveliest books I have read.

sooperdooper Tue 24-Dec-13 23:11:59

I'm just annoyed now that I've wasted money downloading a book that's crap when I've just read a couple of brilliant ones and there's tonnes I know I want to read, grumpy

sooperdooper Tue 24-Dec-13 23:15:10

I've heard of the Snow Child, maybe I'll try that instead, thank you

I just absolutely loved the vanishing of esme Lennox and instructions for a Heateave both by Maggie O'Farrell - I wish I'd gone for another of hers

FerrisBueller1972 Tue 24-Dec-13 23:17:49

I found it so hard to get into. I did eventually get interested about half way through and then the ending pissed me off. Best seller? My arsehole.

bisjo Tue 24-Dec-13 23:21:34

The hand that first held mine is a good read too although sad.

Funniest book I've read this year is Love, Nina.

DuchessofMalfi Wed 25-Dec-13 08:36:39

Gone Girl falls definitely into two groups - those who loved it and those who really loathed it. No-one has said it was an ok read grin I really liked it, thought it quirky. Loved the bitter twisted relationship at the heart of it. Yes it was totally improbable, and no-one would want to live like that, but it's a novel!

You do have to get through the first part, and then it really takes off. And I liked the ending - it was not the one I was expecting, and that's what I thought made it a good read.

It isn't great literature, but I thought it a rattling good read. Definitely a marmite book. I would stick with it sooper, you may yet enjoy it.

And The Snow Child - lovely novel - you won't regret reading that one, although I did think the ending a little unsatisfactory - open for alternative interpretation.

CoteDAzur Wed 25-Dec-13 10:56:50

The first chapters are irritating but it might help you to know that they are written that way for a reason. Can't say more without spoilers.

CoteDAzur Wed 25-Dec-13 10:58:47

It's not my favourite book by far but I didn't think the ending was improbable at all. It was an interesting ending.

OvO Wed 25-Dec-13 11:03:47

I really liked it. Hated all the characters too. fgrin Which was interesting. I haven't read a book before where I disliked everyone but still enjoyed the story.

valiumredhead Wed 25-Dec-13 21:53:01

The ending was its only redeeming feature tbh.

Can't understand why it was such a hit when her other book, Dark Places (?) was so much better.

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 25-Dec-13 21:55:59

Hated it. Cliched shock-value rubbish, IMO.

Scarletohello Wed 25-Dec-13 21:59:06

Well I enjoyed it. Has some interesting twists and turns. Actually bought 2 copies for Xmas presents!

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Wed 25-Dec-13 21:59:59

This is why I never buy fiction books as gifts fsmile

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