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Books or 'kindle' ??

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taffleee Wed 20-Nov-13 19:49:28

I love reading books. I love buying them, owning them, reading the pages, turning the pages, putting a book mark in, going back to them, everything about reading a book I love!!

I also own a kindle, and have tried reading a book on it, but I just don't get the same enjoyment!! I would hate to think we would loose books because of the 'online' automatic download culture we seem to be breading??

Am I on my own here??

AnotherWorld Wed 20-Nov-13 21:48:58

I am with you. I have a Kindle too. It's good for some books - but I prefer to read an actual book. Plus it's far easier to pass a book on once you've read it.

Books are an asset where Kindle books aren't. You can't resell it, or gift it, and lending is two weeks only.

taffleee Wed 20-Nov-13 22:09:43

another books are so special tho, and its the joy of reading them i just so doesn't get lost in this age of 'download'!!!

It's hard enough to get kids to read books, x

TheNunsOfGavarone Wed 20-Nov-13 22:38:10

I love books and I love my Kindle.

There's something pleasantly naughty and self-indulgent about being able to download exactly what I want to read when I'm having a sleepless night. But I totally agree with what AnotherWorld said regarding the problem of not being able to pass a Kindle book on to a friend. That is sad. I also tend to use it only for fairly light reading. I find that books with more complexity don't "sink in" quite as well when I read them on Kindle and as for biographies and most other non-fiction, I far prefer to read the print version.

TheNunsOfGavarone Wed 20-Nov-13 22:39:26

And it is a lovely feeling (well it was when I had a job) coming out of Waterstones with a bag full of proper books all with their own beautifully designed covers!

darwiniandreams Wed 20-Nov-13 22:46:09

I love reading an actual book. I'm with you taffleee but especially when i cant get hold of a book for a while and venture to the library......knowing so many other people have had the same enjoyment out of the same pages.

Waterstones staff now actually approach me and recommend reads which is slightly blush but so do the nearest bargain booze with wine grin

LEMisafucker Wed 20-Nov-13 22:48:06

I don't think i will read another paper book unless i drop my kindle in the bath

Rollermum Wed 20-Nov-13 22:50:21

I agree! I bought a kindle recently for night feeds. But not the same.

taffleee Wed 20-Nov-13 23:39:11

Ohh, I love a library, the history of a read, everything, it's so special -

It's hard enough getting kids to read books, make it an 'online' thing when your up against 'youtube' and 'xbox' stuff, books are lost -

a sad day x

AnotherWorld Wed 20-Nov-13 23:43:44

I think it's just part of life taff

My kids like PC and games - and playing and swimming. But my eldest adores reading. At least an hour a day if not more she spends reading. Long may it continue!

Both my younger children also love to be read to and to share books.

taffleee Thu 21-Nov-13 00:14:27

another yes, but out of books???

Books have to be an essential part of kids development don't they??? not everything should be 'online'??

ZacharyQuack Thu 21-Nov-13 00:36:25

Books are an essential part of kids' development. The medium in which they are delivered has no bearing on that. It's the words that are important, not the paper.

valiumredhead Thu 21-Nov-13 08:28:31

It's not either or,I love both.

aliciaflorrick Thu 21-Nov-13 08:34:58

I live abroad, I wouldn't be without my Kindle, to be able to read an English language book without paying an extortionate price is a wonderful thing.

My DCs also read books or Kindle, or in some cases Kindle app on the iPad because it's better suited to the graphics of a children's book. As long as they're reading I don't think it matters what the format is.

I still take them to the library to choose books and we still look at books in the supermarket choosing the next one we'd like to buy.

I think if I ever read a proper book again it would be because something terrible had happened to my Kindle and I'd be in mourning.

I love my Kindle it's my most prized possession.

Heathcliff27 Thu 21-Nov-13 08:41:14

I love books, any kind, especially old books, the smell, the feel etc. i have the kindle app on ipad but just can't get into it. My friend swears by her kindle but i'm still a book fan.

DuchessofMalfi Thu 21-Nov-13 09:38:44

I love both books and kindle/kobo. I find I read quicker on my kindle, and it's more convenient to slip into my handbag when I'm going out and know I will have time to read.

I don't like lugging a heavyweight book around with me grin, so often have a book, and an e-book on the go.

DontHaveAtv Thu 21-Nov-13 10:06:26

I love my Kindle. I love real books too. For me its about space, I read so much I didn't have anywhere to store my books.

Plus as soon as I have finished a book I can download another one straight away.

confusedwwyd Thu 21-Nov-13 10:51:45

I love my Kindle. I've read some really good books which were free. If I don't like one I delete it and get another one- I don't then have a rubbish book cluttering up my house to get rid of. I have my favourite books on paper as well but kindles are the future. If anything I would have thought it would encourage kids to read more not less.

SilverCharm1 Thu 21-Nov-13 11:56:57

Kindle - or rather my smart phone - for light reads. Love travelling with the phone as book. And for more serious reads the paper every time.

Mind you, I have been trying to read The Rest is Noise and it is so big that my wrist can't cope! So might have to resort to the kindle for it. I wish there was the option of a dual purchase - hard copy and kindle. You get this with some DVDs so why not with books.

GuernseyTeddy Thu 21-Nov-13 12:03:34

Kindle paperwhite great for when feeding DS (14 weeks). He likes to take his time over his bottle, and so I don't get bored and rush him I always have the kindle in the side pocket of the feeding chair. Lovely relaxed DS curled up into one side of me with kindle resting against my leg propped up on the footstool. No way I'd manage with the bottle, a heavy book and page turning; DS would end up wearing his milk.

sammylou35 Thu 21-Nov-13 12:21:16

I am a librarian and I can see the benefits of having a kindle but I still love the feel of a book. I haven't been converted yet......but seeing GuernseyTeddy's post I might have to ask santa for one as I am pregnant and feeding and reading sounds lovely! As long as people are enjoying reading I don't think it matters what format they use.

Mcnorton Thu 21-Nov-13 12:29:44

I've always been a big reader and my son (5) is quite keen too (full disclosure, I'm a librarian, but in a backroom tech job not a frontline one). I have loads of paper books, plus a couple of different ereading devices. I like all formats, and buy more books in electronic format because of the immediacy, but also now find I buy more hardbacks for the feel and design than I used to! I wish I'd had an ereader when breastfeeding, would have been much easier.

I don't think you can beat real paper books for young kids though, it's not just about words, it's about lay-out and images and browsing too. Maybe once they are reading text only it doesn't make a difference, but picture books aren't as good on an device. I've tried some early reading books on a kindle app for my son and he gets cross with it (despite liking computers and computer games in general), but he will happily sit with a pile of paper books though.

babybythesea Thu 21-Nov-13 18:04:02

I don't think you have to choose.
Some books I love on Kindle, others I much prefer to read as paper versions.

Broadly, factual books I prefer as paper versions, and anything a bit complex (where you might want to flip backwards and forwards to check details on characters - not easy on a kindle). And I prefer the classics in paper - I have built up a good looking collection of classics and I like the look of them and the experience of reading them by turning pages rather than pushing a button.

Easy reads, a kindle does well. Am currently storming through the Agatha Raisin series on kindle - it's brilliant for that. And definitely a winner for travelling, where luggage weight is an issue. Not any more it's not...!!

ILetHimKeep20Quid Thu 21-Nov-13 21:42:53

I love books. That's why I have 45 on my kindle that I can take anywhere.

Not a replacement for proper books, an enhancement to reading.

GuernseyTeddy Fri 22-Nov-13 11:40:21

Sammylou - def get a kindle for feeding reads. You and baby can snuggle up for ages for a read, and no one can bother you as you're feeding baby!! grin

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