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Kindle bargains!

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myflabberisgasted Sat 16-Nov-13 17:10:45

Luckily I've just checked my wish list on Amazon today and two books I've had on for ages have come down to 99p...

Perfect by Rachel Joyce

Life after life by Kate Atkinson

I haven't read either of these but have read good recommendations on here about them.

BabeRuthless Sat 16-Nov-13 18:47:18

I've just had a proper hand flapping excitement moment when I saw these. Also got Waiting for Wednesday by Nicci French.

myflabberisgasted Sat 16-Nov-13 19:06:20

Haha I did the same!

I've read the first one of hers and enjoyed it so I'll buy that one now and wait to get Tuesday one as well thanks for that! smile

SpencerPercival Sat 16-Nov-13 19:07:35

Both most excellent books. Enjoy.

SpencerPercival Sat 16-Nov-13 19:08:22

Also read the other typist. That's good. And Sathnam sangheras "marriage material ". Still probably ££

myflabberisgasted Sat 16-Nov-13 19:15:44

Thanks Spencer... I've added those two to my wish list. They are still quite expensive at the moment and I'm a cheapskate haha!

Trumpton Sat 16-Nov-13 19:29:17

Thank you . Just ordered Perfect and Waiting For Wednesday.

CandyLoo Sat 16-Nov-13 20:30:55

Thanks, I've downloaded Kate Atkinsons new one, and told all my friends!
When you say wish list, do you mean the normal amazon wish list or is there a specific kindle one?

SpencerPercival Sat 16-Nov-13 20:36:19

Also beautiful ruins.
The ten lives if Hattie (or whatever ) loved

myflabberisgasted Sat 16-Nov-13 20:37:10

I just meant my usual amazon wish list.
I have two pages worth of books on my wish list I just refuse to pay over £5 for a book!
I check it almost daily incase they come down in price and they almost never do, so today to have found two on my list were 99p was like Christmas Day!!

Feenie Sun 17-Nov-13 13:06:01

Have you seen this website? Someone recommended it on here:

You import your wishlist and it emails you when the price of any of your books comes down, it's brilliant!

LIZS Sun 17-Nov-13 13:10:02

Great just got the KA. also Tangled Lives by Hilary Boyd is only 56p!

EATmum Sun 17-Nov-13 13:51:40

Thanks for the tip - just got the Kate Atkinson and recommended on to a few others.

UnicornsPooGlitter Sun 17-Nov-13 14:07:25

Ooh, thanks smile.

myflabberisgasted Sun 17-Nov-13 14:23:00

Thanks Feenie I've never heard of that website before that sounds brilliant! smile

MrsBungleScare Sun 17-Nov-13 14:24:10

I got my sisters keeper (Bill Bremmer?) the other night for 38p.

Lurleene Sun 17-Nov-13 14:29:45

Thanks, I don't have a Kindle but I have looked on the UK NOOK website and they are the same price on there too.

Galaxymum Mon 18-Nov-13 18:16:20

Ruby Wax's book Sane New World is all on offer at 99p. I've had a blast downloading books I've been waiting for today!

Feenie Mon 18-Nov-13 18:35:57

Big Brother by Lionel Shriver is also down to 99p today.

Feenie Fri 22-Nov-13 10:53:37

Stolen by Rebecca Muddiman was on my wish list and is free today.

antimatter Sat 23-Nov-13 10:51:42

the website mentioned earlier
looks like really good source, an alternative search of Kindle books

myflabberisgasted Sat 23-Nov-13 19:02:05

Thanks Feenie. Just downloaded stolen... Sounds good!

ctrlaltdel Sun 24-Nov-13 18:21:52

I just saw the Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey at 99p today.

Feenie Sun 24-Nov-13 18:25:07

Thanks, have bought it smile

bishbashboosh Sun 24-Nov-13 19:11:50

Aw no I have missed those!shock

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