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Raising Steam - the new Pratchett (no spoilers!)

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edamsavestheday Sun 10-Nov-13 09:38:19

Have had a Pratchett fest since the new book arrived on my Kindle. Loved it! TP on top form. Anyone else reading/finished it yet?

Makes me especially happy since my Dad drives steam engines so I've been around them my whole life - had my first footplate ride when I was three months old.

Have been a VERY happy bunny these last two days. Even though I have been positively saintly and actually Did Work at my job on Friday while my Kindle was tempting me... and was A Good Mother yesterday and did not neglect ds in favour of TP (even took him to the fireworks last night instead of staying in and reading. ds, not TP!). grin

Ruddy Kindle died while I was doing work - really scary all the way home thinking eek, am I going to have to wait until tomorrow to buy it in proper book form? Fortunately managed to retrieve it. <phew>

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