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Can you help me track down a sci-fi series of books?

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Tortoisegirl Wed 30-Oct-13 10:43:03

When I was a teenager, in the 1980's, my brother introduced me to a series of books set on a hospital space station. It was staffed by humans and aliens and tended to any sort of creatures that came their way. In particular they would come across different life forms and had to work out what, for that species, "normal" was so they could treat them.
I loved the books, have a DD that is reading everything I can lay my hands on at the moment and think they might be a good intro into the genre.
Surely the collective memory of the hive can help me?
Oh and I have asked me brother and the useless ejitt has no memory of them at all!

Casanunda Wed 30-Oct-13 10:45:59


Is that the one?

Tortoisegirl Wed 30-Oct-13 11:03:55

I think you may be a genius, looks very promising! I hadn't appreciated how old they were. Now to find someone who has them!
Thanks so much.

CMOTDibbler Wed 30-Oct-13 11:06:12

The James White one Casanunda linked to is the one - theres a series of them, and I've got a few. Love them!

Tortoisegirl Wed 30-Oct-13 12:22:21

You will also be please CMOTDibbler, that she has just expressed an interest in The Discworld books after listening to be wittering on about them for years. My life is now complete!

CMOTDibbler Wed 30-Oct-13 12:24:16

grin my ds listens to the TP childrens books as read by Tony Robinson in the car, and it makes me so happy when he comes out with a Crivens!

Casanunda Wed 30-Oct-13 12:42:31

Yay, the discworld books are awesome!! I try to convert as many people as I can to them grin

Bumply Wed 30-Oct-13 13:18:09

Your post didn't ring bells completely, but reminded me of a book about a medical officer having to deal with an emergency evacuation from a space ship. Turns out it's by the same author!

moonbells Wed 30-Oct-13 13:22:40

I saw the OP and also thought the Sector General/Hospital Station books. James White was such a lovely chap, met him once, turned up at a con's fancy dress party wearing SECTOR GENERAL scrubs and spent the evening trying to lose his minder as he wasn't supposed to be drinking... smile

Tortoisegirl Wed 30-Oct-13 15:56:55

Wow, CMOTDibbler, hold onto any copies you might have, some of the books are selling for £20 each!

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