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Reading group in Swiss Cottage

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NWbooksnbabies Fri 17-Jan-14 10:04:13

We are meeting next on 6th February, at the slightly earlier time of 11am, at Hampstead Theatre Cafe. Get cracking, three weeks to read:
The Marrying of Chani Kaufman by Eve Harris
Another novel based around North London, by a local author, indeed next door neighbour of two of our members!

NWbooksnbabies Sat 04-Jan-14 05:33:07

This month's read is the Booker nominated 'A Tale for the Time Being'.
"A culture-crossing network of yarns in the vein of Haruki Murakami or his sort-of-disciple, David Mitchell "(Boyd Tonkin Independent)
"Part fantasy, part mystery, part page-turner "(Sam Baker Harper Bazaar)
"As emotionally engaging as it is ­intellectually provocative "(Washington Post)
Meeting on Thursday 16th Jan, 11.30am at Hampstead Theatre.

AnneWentworth Fri 29-Nov-13 12:05:45

So you come along with babies? Sadly my DS3 is a non sitter and I will be running after him constantly. He is nearly 3 though so not a baby.

Good luck, but I just wanted to say that if any if you fancy a evening book club, I run the Kentish Town Bookclub. You can search for us on Twitter or PM me if you fancy it.

zenoushka Wed 27-Nov-13 10:15:54

I've been meaning to read Stoner for ages - my dad has been raving about it! Definitely up for joining next month.

NWbooksnbabies Tue 26-Nov-13 09:52:10

Next meeting Thursday, December 19th, 11:30 AM at Hampstead Theatre. The choice of book this month is Stoner by John Williams.This novel is on the shortlist for Waterstones book of the year. Originally published in 1965 it sold only 2000 copies then went out of print. Recently rediscovered, it was described in the New York Times Book Review as 'a perfect novel, so well told and beautifully written, so deeply moving, that it takes your breath away'

NWbooksnbabies Thu 24-Oct-13 23:37:07

First meeting will be at Hampstead Theatre cafe at 11am on Monday 25th November. Hope you can make it!

NWbooksnbabies Fri 11-Oct-13 14:47:19

I'm a new mum and I'm looking to set up a reading group in Swiss Cottage/ Belsize Park. Contemporary fiction: booker, orange, whitbread prize type stuff, maybe the odd classic, starting with Zadie Smith's 'NW'. Each member popping their nomination into a hat to choose the next months book. I'm looking at a venues such as the Hampstead Theatre cafe, for a daytime meetup, once a month, hopefully starting November. Possibly adding an evening jolly too if there is interest. We'll be avoiding parenting books as these seem to be a bit too divisive and we all need a break sometimes from things baby orientated! I've too long been put off reading groups by the intimidating 'book club suggestions' often included in the back of paperbacks that look more like 'A' level exam questions than conversation starters, so we'll take it easy and approach this more as a social opportunity than an academic exercise in literary criticism! Anyone going to jump on board?

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